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Avesay Reviews (Jan 2022) Is This Offer A Scam Deal?

Avesay Online Website Reviews

Do you know a website’s legitimacy offering useful daily-needed items and accessories? Then, read these Avesay Reviews.

Are you finding the finest domestic products for yourself? Then, you are very welcome in this review session. 

Many online shoppers want a clear clarification about sites selling different products to prevent failure. But, few of them got scammed because they were unaware of its legitimacy. Thus, we will survey the United States portal by checking its few specifications and conclude its validity in this article.

So, let us take a research tour of figuring the Avesay Reviews

What is

The portal is bartering premium products at an affordable price. In addition, they have claimed to collaborate with professional experts offering high-quality items including:

  • Jacket.
  • Clock.
  • Laptop Standing Desk.
  • Tents. 
  • Electric Kettle.
  • Rollator Walker.

Also, they have quoted to make their clients satisfied by their customer service. Now, let us explore the portal in detail. 

Citing the Website’s Details 

  • +1 (661) 545-7814 is the cell phone number. 
  • The shipping of materials may take 10 to 22 days.  
  • We haven’t noticed any newsletter option to find- Is Avesay Legit?
  • The absence of social media icons is noticed. 
  • The portal is only one month old.
  • Their business hours are Monday-Sunday, 9 am – 6 pm ET. 
  • They offer a 30-day return policy to the customers.
  • accepts payments from VISA, MasterCard, PayPal, etc. 
  • is the website’s link.
  • You can apply for a refund within 30 days. 
  • 1827 Ocean View Dr, Bakersfield, CA 93307, US is the agency’s address. 
  • They will replace the item if found damaged. Moreover, you have to inform the firm within 30 days. 
  • The Avesay Reviews have cited that the mailing address is
  • They trade items like clocks, jackets, washer/dryer machines, etc. 
  • The time consumed for the delivery includes the processing and the shipping time. 

Bonuses Provided By

  • They have highlighted the contact details inducing the email address and phone number.
  • The association’s address is quoted. 

Why Is The Portal Falling Down?

  • The social connections are lacking.
  • The site’s rank is 27.1/100, whereas its trust score is 1%.
  • Negative reviews are accumulated for 
  • We haven’t realized the newsletter feature, which created massive suspicion. 

Is Avesay Legit?

  • Social Icons- The links are omitted. 
  • Trust Rank-’s trust rank is 27.1/100. 
  • Alexa Rank- The firm’s global rank of 2374976.
  • Shopper’s View- On different sites, the users have imparted issues in an email confirmation; thus, they are confused. However, only one user has commented that the site is false. 
  • Duplicated Content- It has only 15% unique content. 
  • Site’s Registration Date- The portal’s creation date is 01-11-2021. 
  • Policies Included- We have discovered that all policies are listed.
  • Domain Cessation Date- 01-11-2022 is’s suspension date. 
  • Trust Score- Considering the Avesay Reviews, only a 1% score is found. 
  • Owner’s identity- No hints of the founder’s name is noticed. 

Thus, the extracted hints of the site have revealed that the portal is questionable as users’ reactions are quite confusing since most of them don’t know whether they are scammed or not. Therefore, research religiously for the site before buying.

Customers’ Feedback 

Upon proper investigation, we have failed to peel any user’s feedback on the Trustpilot. Also, the reviews are unavailable on the official homepage since the social links are missing. But, over the Internet, we have noticed some customer’s Avesay Reviews.

A buyer has confirmed that the site is a scam and marked a red flag for it. Moreover, some users have stated that they haven’t received an email confirmation after ordering the item from the portal.

In addition, a client has mentioned that the site offers wonderful discounts on products and is the prime attraction that helps such scam sites fool people. 

Also, because it has no social media links associated, many people don’t find this site useful and move further. If you know someone being hoaxed by PayPal scams, visit here. 

The Final Talk 

The post on Avesay Reviews has assisted us in knowing the reality of a portal listing daily needed products, including Rollator Walker. Moreover, we have not identified its social media presence to trust it. 

Therefore, the buyers’ reaction and its new domain have marked questionable. Visit here if credit card scams looted you. 

Have you been fooled by the portal earlier? Then, leave your kind words below.


  1. Yes, being it’s a scam. I ordered 1 thing. It said delivered within 22 days. After reading all this, im guessing I’ll be disputing this today.

    1. Hello Kim, When did you place an order? If doubtful, go for a refund with your payment company. Reach them and they will help you better. Please update us, so it will spread awareness amongst the buyers. Be aware and alert. Thanks. Take care.

    2. Good luck. They were able to somehow get a Tracking # of a mail piece that they sent to my home and provide this # to PayPal as confirmation of delivery of the products. The USPS tracking # starts in South Carolina and this is a Chinese website. PayPal actually ruled in their favor.

  2. It’s a scam I ordered something from them and never received a email and when you try to email them it comes back to where it didn’t send because the email doesn’t exist

    1. Yes, I was hesitant to purchase something so I sent an email to the email address provided on the website and it was undeliverable because the email doesn’t exist. I also looked up the address and it’s a residential neighborhood. I knew those prices were too good to be true.

      1. Hello Scam alert, you did the right track and checked it. Nowadays, these are the tricks they use and earn money easily without any hard work. Thanks for the information. Let us know further updates. Be aware. Take care.

      1. I placed an order on 1/5/22. Have not recieved a confirmation email. All i recieved was an order number for the payment screen. I have called the number listed. It asks for your name and then google transfers the call. I was just looking for a tracking #. I also emailed and got emails back from my email provider saying they could not find the email address. I’ll give them til the 27th then request a refund.

    1. Hello Matt, feels bad. They do not bother about anything. No single reply from them indicates they are scammers. You can reach for a refund with your payment company. They will help you to get your money back. Thanks, and regards. Stay away and alert. Take care.

        1. Hello Devonia, did they give any tracking number? Any response from them? Check if you get any response, else directly try for a refund amount. Please let us know if you get it back. Thanks.

  3. Scammers for sure! Dont go there! And you have to pay some Samantha not the “company”. Report them suckers! I started an investigation already!

    1. Hello irene, Thanks for the update. How much have you invested? It seems they are 100% scammers for sure. No single buyer has dropped a positive comment for this portal. So, please be aware and stay away from them. You will get good and quality products from the real ones. Stay updated. Be careful. Thanks.

  4. Wish I would have researched this company before I purchased my item. I did not receive any confirmation either I tried calling the phone number provided with the website and it takes you to google voice then says subscriber unavailable. I as well reported this to my payment company and will file this website to federal for investigation. This website needs to be taken down.

    1. Hello Natalie, Thanks for informing the buyers. It is good to check with the payment company for a refund. They must be caught and proper action is taken. Please let us once you get your money back. Take care. Thanks.

    2. Just ordered a tv from them and no delivery date or confirmation number!Called them went to a Google phone system I think Its fraudulent unfortunately ill let you know if anything changes 😞

  5. We ordered a vanity table, great price..should’ve known. We got a message from USPS saying it was delivered to our mailbox, lol.. a vanity? So we contacted USPS and they said the package was 15 oz, clearly not a vanity plus we never got anything. Disputing through paypal, the charge comes up as Hawkeye Area Down Syndrome Association. So we tried to notify this associate someone is scamming in their name…. SCAM!

  6. I order a tv from them and didn’t get a conformation number or anything from them. Scammers for sure and what do I need to do to get my money back

    1. Hello Donna Simmons, how much did you invest? If no response henceforth, go directly for a refund. Please contact your payment company, however, you paid it. Please drop an update. Take care. Thanks.

  7. Yep, it’s a scam. Same things other people are saying… confirmation email….tried contacting them and it goes to some Google something or other…and a big clue was on one of the screens showing the amount and contact information, it said “Transaction Complate” misspelling complete…..the credit card person we talked to to cancel our cards said it’s probably from China as she has been doing disputes all day…..

    1. Hello Wayne P., yes, all the buyers have dropped the same review. They must be caught and proper action must be taken against them. Try for a refund. No other option better than this. Let us know. Take care. Thanks.

  8. I placed an order on 12-17-2021 and has not received the product either and now I know it is a scam. So do I contact my bank where the money came out of it.

  9. This was what was written in their “about us”. You can tell it’s unprofessional, badly written and makes no sense. Stay far away from this company. I knew once the email was undeliverable to do my check up on the company before purchasing something and I’m glad I did. Whoever is behind this website needs to be shut down and held responsible!

    “Our Vision is Clear
    All we want to bring to our customers are products that you would have chance to made their days. We are trying our best to make the goal come true by partnering with selected product manufacturers offering reliable products.

    Fun, Practical & Inspiring Products!
    Today, we not only give our customers adorable posts on social medias, but also transfer fun, inspiring and innovative products at an affordable price.”

    Stop searching and start living your best life, with handcrafts we hand pick for you.

    1. Hello Scam alert, it is good you checked the portal details before any transaction. We can see how much effort you have put in to draft the message. Your message will help the buyers to stay away from them. Thanks for the update. Let us know further details if any. Take care.

  10. I ordered a item from them 01/02/2022 and havent got a confirmation email and I just got a order number of purchase I havent received anything or notice email dont work phone just rerouted you I need my item or my money back please

  11. Yes it’s a scam I brought some my Christmas presents for my babies and didn’t receive nothing! The number is a text 9 number which is a free phone service app! I have emailed them more 5 times and nothing! This really hurts because I’m a single mother and I don’t have money to waste and my son didn’t get his present for Christmas!

    1. Hello Brittney Hawkins, we feel sad, you have not received the order. Thanks for the update. Did you try for a refund option? Check if it works. Hope you get the order for your baby from the authentic portal. Please drop the update. Take care. Thank you.

  12. I never received a response email after placing an order either – that’s when I started to get suspicious about this company/web-site.
    I guess I need to contact pay-pal for a refund.

    1. Hello Keith Ludwig, if no response from them, it is doubtful they will dispatch. Please try for a refund, get in touch with the payment company. Check if it works. Please let us know. Be aware. Take care. Thanks.

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