Zipy Hoodie Reviews (Nov 2022) Is This Authentic Or Scam?

This article contains fair Zipy Hoodie Reviews about the e-store that offers stylish clothing.

The holiday season is here, and it’s time to do winter shopping but, if you are confused about whether you should shop from the Zipy Hoodie or not, then no worries, as we will help you make wise decisions. Moreover, the website is getting many inquiries from the United States shoppers.

If you also have some questions about this e-store, read below in these Zipy Hoodie Reviews.

What is Zipy Hoodie?

Zipy Hoodie is the newly established marketplace that trades worldwide, including the popular regions like the United States. Moreover, the website contains a wide collection of stylish hoodies, blankets, zip-ups, shorts, and t-shirt, etc. There are countless patterns and designs are available on the website, and customers can also customize the products as per their choices. 

Additionally, if you’re looking for a birthday gift, then you can check out Zipy Hoodie store’s birth month hoodies section. 

But we are not impressed with the website and its offerings, yet for this reason, we recommend people to read under the Is Zipy Hoodie Legit heading for better understanding.

What are the features of Zipy Hoodie?

  • Website homepage link-
  • Products- hoodies, t-shirt, blanket, etc.
  • Support service mail ID-
  • Company location- no information available 
  • Telephone number- 1-(561)-437-4324
  • Payment Options- American Express, DISCOVER, Diners Club, MasterCard, JCB, VISA, and PayPal 
  • Exchange and return policy- in between 30 days 
  • Refund policy- period is not available 
  • Estimated shipping policy-7-10 business days 
  • Estimated shipping fee- $8.59
  • Social media connections- provided 
  • Newsletters- found 

Indeed, the website contains an exclusive range of hoodies and t-shirts so, you want to order something from this site, you must read these Zipy Hoodie Reviews.

What are the pros of ordering from Zipy Hoodie?

  • The website is HTTPS protected.
  • It is selling an exclusive collection of hoodies at affordable prices.
  • People can also get the products customized as per their needs.
  • It contains five-star ratings under its products.

What are the cons of ordering from Zipy Hoodie?

  • The website has mentioned invalid social media page links. 
  • We have obtained negative remarks from the internet.
  • The site does not hold complete contact information on it.

Is Zipy Hoodie Legit?

We have summed up some honest facts about this website to verify its legitimacy. In this era, internet frauds are actively escalation day by day, so it is recommended to go through all the possible parameters before entering the card details on any random website.

Here are the checkpoints that will help you in your research.

  • Social media connections- Unfortunately, the website does not have any social media presence. Only share links are given. Hence it is a red signal.
  • Customer reviews- on the official portal, there are only decent shoppers’ ratings available, but there is no shred of Zipy Hoodie Reviews found. 
  • Domain expiration date- the e-commerce website’s domain name will expire on 06/11/2022.
  • Domain name verification date- the website domain name is registered on 06/11/2020. Hence the site’s domain is one year old.
  • Alexa rank- As per the analysis, the site’s Alexa rank comes out at 1778114.
  • Trust rank- The intelligent software has detected a low trust rank that is 50.9/100.
  • Trust index- The e-store’s trust index is 45%.
  • Content quality- The portal holds detailed descriptions about its products, but the published content does not appear original.   
  • Address originality- The company office address is unavailable. 
  • Money-saving offers- as of now, there are no offers available.

What are the shoppers’ Zipy Hoodie Reviews?

According to our investigation, we found that the official portal only contains five-star ratings on it. Furthermore, there are no shopper’s remarks published on the website. 

But, from the external links, we have found negative feedbacks where shoppers said they hadn’t received their order even after making complete payment. Hence the website seems a bit suspicious to us.

If you are also struggling to get the refund via PayPal, read here.

The Final Verdict

In the end, we concluded that this ecommerce platform seems like a highly suspicious website based on the published shoppers’ Zipy Hoodie Reviews. Furthermore, the site provides attractive facilities like customized t-shirts, birthday hoodies , etc., to grab the shoppers’ attention. 

Therefore, in our view, this website is a red flag, if we consider the negative reviews, and people should avoid shopping from there. The interested shoppers are advised to cross-check everything from their end. 

If you need a refund through a credit card, then read here.

Do you want to share your experience with us? Kindly post your views below.

57 thoughts on “Zipy Hoodie Reviews (Nov 2022) Is This Authentic Or Scam?”

  1. I purchased a hoodie for my daughter 4 1/2 weeks ago the customer services number is not valid and the info email is not valid I have requested my money back and no response

  2. Yeah, tried calling the number and it’s a Florida number, for some medical place. This site is 100% rip off, I was ripped for $40 bucks. Because my wife “HAD” to have this marvin the martian hoodie. They keep send me emails, saying, “covid” is effecting shipping, “heavy orders” and that they are very much behind. I can’t seem to place whether they are in the UK, or Australia… save yourself from being ripped off, DO NOT ORDER ANYTHING from this place…

    • Hello Sherry, Did you get any confirmation email? You ordered it twice and still no response from them. If you feel doubtful, please go for a refund from the payment company. They will help you better. Keep updating. Thanks. Take care.

    • I ordered a sweater for Christmas for my boyfriend I never received the hoodie, there’s no way to contact them gave me invalid tracking number and IM PISSED

      • Hello Brandy R Echternacht, no buyer has received any update or order to date. It can be suggested, check for a refund option. Reach with the payment company, however, you paid it. Please update, if you get any information. Take care. Thanks.

        • The phone number they give you goes to a insurance hotline for Medicaid. I got my hoodieit took a month they lied about shipping. You have to go to yun express to check your tracking. The hoodie is like a tent and I can’t get anyone to answer an email so I can return it for the right size. Which I’m very scared to do I might never see it again. My kid was sooooo disappointed. I’d like to tell everyone I can about my experience. As my daughter cried hard tears she was sooooo disappointed. So am I.

          • Hello Deana Hager, feel very disheartened that your child did not get the proper order. We can understand how much pain you must have faced, as the child is having tears in their eyes. Hope you get the exact product soon. Please drop the update. Take care. Thanks.

    • I believe this is a scam. I have not received my order, and the phone number belongs to a health services company. Also, there is no information associated with the tracking number.

    • Hi..Ive been trying to reach this company with no response.. ordered two hoodies and haven’t received.. please help me get a refund

    • I ordered and checked the shipping ID#, which was bogus. Filed a complaint on their website. Still nothing. I finally filed an investigation order with my card company. They must have pressed the right buttons because I received my hoodie a week ago. But, you may have to have your card company investigate as well to get your product. Thought you and everyone should know. However, I will never buy from them again. Not worth the stress. I also was able to receive a refund of my payment from my bank as well.

  3. Quite certain it’s a scam site. Ordered a tee a few weeks ago and got no confirmation email, no est delivery date from them, nada.

  4. I have 3 orders, received confirmation e-mail on all three and also an e-mail that all three orders had shipped. Have not received any of my orders as of yet.

    • Hello Nancy, did they provide any date for dispatch? We feel bad, you need to wait to get the order. Please let us know, once you get it. Check the portal details twice before any procedure. Take care. Regards.

  5. I just ordered a hoodie and noticed 2 separate transactions on my account for one hoodie they charged me for 2. Waiting on package did get email verification.

  6. I ordered from Zipy Hoodie and received an email stating item was shipped on 11/29. Tracking # provided is not correct. Tracking Co states number is invalid – does not exists.
    Phone # on website is a number for Medicare Info. Have sent 6 emails & get a response back from Premier Trust advising response in 1/2 business days. Still waiting for response and hoodie.

    • Hello Arletta Raschke, feel nervous about how they make scams and cheat the buyers. They don’t even bother about such incidents. It’s an almost 1-month backorder. Check if they respond, else go for a refund and get your money back. Please update us. Thanks & regards. Take care.

  7. I’ve ordered a sweatshirt for my special needs daughter and was given a confirmation order number so I felt safe. I wrote them, giving my order number and they said they would look into the situation. Still no answer from them or a product. I’m pretty sure I’ve been scammed again! Their address is from Canada but when I call their “help line” it’s a recording claiming they are a Medicare helpline!

  8. i also have ordered. the next day requested a cancellation.. the next day received a shipment email… 2 days later can still not track the package.
    the day of the shipment email i emailed about returning the item.
    everytime you email, you receive another email asking to reply with your order number??
    still never have heard back from anyone.
    trying to contact my bank now.

  9. My order should be here now but no order. I was hoping it was a great place to shop. I was going to order more but my 1st order hasn’t arrived. I may not order until 1st order gets here

    • Hello Walter Dugger, Thanks for the details. If you receive the order, check and confirm, the ordered one is the same. Else don’t try for second one. Wait and you can reach for a genuine site. Most of the people have not received the order. Please let us know further updates. Take care.

  10. I order this Hello kitty on Dec 5 2021. It was supposed to be delivered Dec 14th. This was for my 10 year old granddaughter Christmas Gift . i feel so bad because now she dont have a Christmas gift. This just hurts my heart.

    • Hello Pearlena Talbert, feel bad. Did you receive any tracking numbers? We can understand how you must be feeling. Please check once with them, else you can reach for a refund from the payment company. So you can purchase it from the genuine portal. Hope you get it soon. Please update us. Thanks. Take care.

  11. I ordered a shirt to Australia if it dose not come in about a month then I will refund, sometimes, some random sites work and some dont

    • Hello Fabian, Did you get any confirmation email? It’s a long time you placed an order and still haven’t received it. It is advisable to check for a refund with the payment company. Please update and stay alert. Take care. Thanks.

  12. Hi my name is tonya and i order a tweety zip jacket for my sister in law and o got a tracking number and tryed to track it and it says my tracking number doae not match and i orderd it at the beginning or the month and still my sister in law has not received it

    • Hello Tonya, We feel nervous, the buyers are putting in huge money and no required product. This should be stopped somewhere and proper actions must be taken. Individuals should get justice, so they can save their money. You can go for the refund option, as no reply from them indicates they must be scammers. Thanks.

  13. Someone needs to contact and report this company as a fake they are just stealing people’s money we order and never got it eith in my eyes they are just stealing from people

    • Hello Sarah, yes said it right. It’s the need of the hour to catch them and actions must be taken. They grab the money and disappear. The buyers have to face and fight to get their money back. Thanks. Take care.

  14. Thank you for the article. My daughter ordered a hoodie from them for my Christmas gift. The tracking information was incorrect also. The hoodie arrived, a month later, but not in the size she ordered. We have sent an email and have not received a response and we tried the phone number, but as someone stated it is to medicare. We are going through our payment company now for a resolution.

    • Hello LaTanya, you did it right. The payment company will guide you in a better way. Please drop the further update. It will spread awareness amongst the buyers. Buyers, be careful and stay away from them. Take care.

  15. I purchased a Biithday hoodie on 12/09/21, they said it would be there on 12/14/21, never received it. Nobody will respond tom my emails and the tracking nu,ber they gave to me was bogus aswell as the customer service number. Is this a legit company?

  16. I’ve got my stuff but the when they got here the the size I ordered was to small I ordered a medium and they gave me a small and for a another shirt it looked blurry it was a Rick and morty hoodie Id give zippie hoodie a 3.0/5

  17. I ordered a hoodie from Zipy, got an email saying it had shipped and was given a tracking number. The name of the shipping company was OTHER and the shipping number was invalid. No answer on customer service telephone number, no response to email. However, my hoodie arrived today. The size is correct, the fabric very nice and the workmanship is good quality. The secret to my successful order? I used PayPal, filed a dispute after being given all that wrong information, and PayPal contacted Zipy. A week later the hoodie arrived. Something is very wrong here; I will never order from Zipy again.



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