Asg Recovers Scam (March 2022) Learn All Aspects Here!

The guide shares details about the new Asg Recovers Scam that people report online.

Most people in the United States use credit cards and even have debts. Taking advantage of this, many scammers are now calling them and claiming to help them get debt-free. They pretend to call from a debt collection agency,

They randomly call people in America and urge them to share their details to consolidate or dissolve their debts. Scammers send emails, text messages and even call them via different phone numbers. 

Many people have reported about the Asg Recovers Scam on the discussion forum. It is a new scam targeting people randomly for those who are unaware.   

About The Asg Recovers

Asg Recovers is a United States agency that claims to help people get debt-free. However, the website was recently registered last year, and it is not an old company to trust and rely on entirely. 

They have an active website claiming to help people get debt-free. In addition, the core team promises to help people get back on track by conveniently dissolving all their debts and credit card bills. 

The company claims to offer interest-free plans, collection removal, and flexible payment options. But are they legitimate or a scam?

What is the Asg Recovers Scam?

Asg Recovers claim to be a reliable debt consolidating and dissolving firm to help people get back on track and free from debts. However, many people have reported a new scam associated with the company. 

It is a new scam where scammers send text messages, email, and even call people via different numbers. They urge people to share their credentials and account details to find suitable repayment plans to get debt free in the most convenient way. 

But, you must stay alert to such Asg Recovers Scam because it is a new debt-collection scam reported by people. Scammers steal your information without lending their support for debt removal.

What are People Saying About the Scam?

After evaluating, we found many reports about the scam shared by the victims on the discussion forum. As per the victims, scammers randomly call them via different numbers and pretend to be from Asg Recovers Agency. Then, they urge the people to go to the website, share their credentials and get debt free while saving money on repayments. 

A user said he has been getting multiple calls and threading text messages of Asg Recovers Scam. Some are even getting voicemails and emails asking them to contact the company for debt and collection removal. 

All these are scams, as reported by the people. You may look at the reports and experiences in the discussion forums.      


Asg Recovers claims to be a debt removal company recently launched back in 2021. However, the company can’t be trusted completely. They are allegedly calling people and asking them to share their credentials to make them debt-free. People have reported it on the discussion forum and considered it a new debt collection scam.

So, stay alert for Asg Recovers Scam and report it to the Federal Trade Commission to stay protected. Besides, you must learn How to Protect Yourself from a Scam.      

Did you receive any call from Asg Recovers for debt collection removal? Please, share how you reported the scam in the comment section.

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6 thoughts on “Asg Recovers Scam (March 2022) Learn All Aspects Here!”

  1. The fact they’re soliciting for a supposed debt you owe, but they are not accredited makes their communications a scam. When someone calls you on a Sunday, and it’s Mother’s Day, that just not how legitimate businesses work. When they call you from pre-legal but fo not possess credentials such as a Paralegal license to perform such duties, that makes their call illegal. Thank you

    • Hello Anony, when did you place an order? Did you receive any dispatch date or confirmation mail? Please drop the message, so other buyers can get the exact details of the website. Be alert. Take care. Thanks.

  2. I have received two phone calls and they left messages and stated that I need to take advantage of this opportunity. However, I do not have any past due accounts. Not to mention, if I did, the company should have contacted meby mail or phone before sending it to collections! Glad I saw scam written all over it!

  3. Got a message since i never answer my phone. caller id app on the phone says suspected spam call. voicemail recording starts mid sentence about this “opportunity” and “legally required to say we are collecting a debt.” GTFA with that. I monitor my credit weekly and know what items I actually own money on and make payments on. So, IMHO this is at worst a scammer pretending to be someone else or just baiting people to see who is unlucky enough to provide the information they want.


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