Text From Myself Scam (March 2022) How To Stay Safe?

 The guide shares the Text From Myself Scam details and alerts people about the new message scam

Many people in the United States are receiving spam messages on their phones about their carrier bill with “Myself.” The message is about their last month’s bill, and it confirms that the bill has been paid and includes a link to claim a gift. 

Many recipients have reported the text message scam and said that the messages come from their personal number. The scam is targeting users of both Visible and Verizon Telecom. 

Users of Reddit and Twitter have reported and bought the Text From Myself Scam into the limelight. Continue reading for more details on the new scam.

What is a Text Message From Myself Scam?

Text Message From “Myself” Scam is a new kind of message scam targeting a more significant number of mobile users in the United States. The scam targets both Verizon and Visible Telecom users, and they claim to receive scam messages from their personal numbers, Myself included. 

Many people have reported the scam and believe that their personal number has been spoofed or their Verizon account hacked. Scammers are spoofing the personal numbers of the users and sending scam text messages with a suspicious link to claim their gift for paying the monthly bills. 

How is Text From Myself Scam Conducted?

Scammers are getting more intelligent and advanced and using new methods to do scams with people. Now, scammers are hacking their Verizon accounts and spoofing their personal numbers. Then, they use their personal numbers and send fake text messages. 

The message says the last month has been paid off successfully, and there is a little gift for the users. They are urged to click on the link to claim the gift. As they click on the link, they are redirected to 3rd party website. The Text From Myself Scam starts when they share their credentials to claim the gift. 

There are no gifts as it is an attempt to steal the users’ personal details.

What Are People Saying about the Scam?

Many people took on the discussion forum and social media platforms to discuss and share their experiences. But unfortunately, according to the reports, people are getting scam text messages from their personal phone numbers. 

They are asked to click on the suspicious link to claim the gift offered for paying the rentals. Many people claim it is a scam, and people must ignore the Text From Myself Scam.

Some users have also urged people to avoid the text message and report it. Verizon users can forward the scam messages to SPAM (7726). You may also report the scam at Consumer Complaint Center.    


In this digital era, scammers are finding new methods to do scams. Now they are spoofing users’ accounts and personal numbers to do a new kind of text message scam. Scammers are sending fake messages about carrier bills and claiming to click on a suspicious link to claim their gift. 

But people have reported about the Text From Myself Scam online, which you may check for in-depth details. You must stay equipped and know How to Protect Yourself from a Scam.

Are you being targeted by scammers? Please share how you reported the scam in the comment section.

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