Aruba Boating Accident 2022 {March} Explore Full Report!

This article brings you to the Aruba Boating Accident 2022. We have discussed all relevant details in respect to this incident.

Do you want to know about the latest boat accident in Aruba? Do you want any knowledge about how many die? If yes, read the complete article and get the news on the same.

As per the analysis and reports, many people died in Aruba’s accident. Recently, local police found a dead body of a teenager on Tuesday. 

Many people in the United States are sad after the accident. Many human beings in a boat are dead in the incident. Let us describe to you about Aruba Boating Accident 2022.

Latest news of Aruba

  • Police officers and analysts found the teenage body last Tuesday. The body was missing from January. 
  • According to the reports, the Virginia girl was missing three months after the accident. 
  • The body was found from the Chincoteague Bay, the sources said.
  • The saving operation team reached the area with the police force on Tuesday.
  • The saving operation team is trying to find the human bodies at various places.

As per sources, it is in front of us that the Police force is also making a lot of effort. For example, they recorded a missing diary of human beings under the Boating Accident Aruba Cassidy Murray.

Fact on Aruba Boating accident March 2022

As per more analysis, We found more information as below:-

  1. The police force found the 13-year-old girl from that area.
  2. This 13-year-old girl was a resident of the United States.
  3. After the saving operation is done, they declare it is the teenage girl’s body.
  4. The medical agency did the body testing around 5:30 PM.
  5. Local authorities arranged the burial ceremony with the help of burial workers.
  6. There was some other information found related to the accident.
  7. The accident boat of Aruba was 16 metres long.
  8. After the Aruba Boating Accident 2022, four teenagers have faced the results in which two of the teenage are saved by boat members. 
  9. As per the analysis and reports, they reached 19 years and 17 years old to the hospital after the successfully saving from water. 
  1. The saving operation team and police officers also found an 18-year boy’s body from Bentonville.
  2. The Marine Police force of Virginia also conducted an investigation report on the boat accident to gain detailed information about boat accident in Aruba.
  3. Finally, the saving operation team found the 13- year old Cassidy died body in Aruba.

Spreading of news of Aruba Boating Accident 2022

The boat accident news was covered and reported by many media agencies. The reports and news are also spread among social media channels. The news spread on finding the teenage body on Tuesday is so fast.


This article tells you about the latest boat accident that happens in Aruba. The medical team has already finished the examination and reports. A 13- year old Cassidy found died in this incident and several others are reported as well. Her parents express very much grief over  this incident.

It is concluded that the Aruba Boating Accident 2022 happened in January 2022, and police tried hard to find the missing bodies. 

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