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What happened in Aruba? Has any death occurred in Aruba? Today we will talk about a heart-throbbing accident on 21st December 2015. This tragic event happened in Aruba, near the United States.

According to the Dutch Caribbean Coast Guard, a boat of seven Venezuelan men had capsized near Aruba. When they were being rescued, a shark suddenly attacked them. Unfortunately, one of them had died.

It’s very heartbreaking news. All of these happened so suddenly that the rescue team couldn’t save the Venezuelan man. Let’s study in-depth about the Aruba Boating Accident.

Where is Aruba situated?

Aruba is a beautiful island in the Southern Caribbean Sea. The island is almost flat. Ayo Rock Formations and Casibari are the main attractions for tourists. Except for these, Eagle Beach, Baby, Arashi Beach, Arikok National Park, Boca Catalina Beach, California Lighthouse are also very famous places to visit. Aruba is situated approximately 25 kilometers away from the coast of Venezuela.

Aruba is a worth visiting place for sea and beach lovers. If you love the serene beauty of the sea, then Aruba is a perfect holiday destination for you.

A boater killed by way of a shark in Aruba Boating Accident:

The Spokesman named Roderick Gouverneur from DCCG-Dutch Caribbean Coast Guard told in a press conference that the boat of those seven Venezuelan men suddenly turned upside down. In a while, the rescue team came to help them. One of the seven Venezuelan men was close-fitting to the torpedo buoy. The rescue team tried their best to help him in a helicopter. But all of a sudden, a shark suddenly came and attacked him.

The shark severely injured the man. He couldn’t survive. While taking him to the hospital, he died while reaching there. The Aruba Boating Accident is very heartbreaking news.

Other Injuries:

According to Spokesman Roderick Gouverneur, two other boaters died when the boat turned upside down. They drowned in the sea. He also mentioned that the rest of the four Venezuelan men took a lot of time to recover from dehydration when they drank a lot of seawater while holding the refrigerator and pallet.

This incident was very grievous for the family members and the friends of the seven Venezuelan men. Among seven boaters, only four survived. They are still trying to forget the incident and get back to the life track.

Cause of death in the Aruba Boating Accident:

  • A shark brutally killed one Venezuelan man.
  • The other two boaters drowned in the sea.


The seven Venezuelan men traveled to sell whisky to Aruba. They started their journey from Bonaire to sell goods. Not only them, but many Venezuelans also went on boats to sell their products throughout the islands of the Caribbean Sea.

To know more, click Aruba. To conclude this, we can say that we have deep condolence to the Aruba Boating Accident.

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