How to Play Apple Music on a Google Home Device

How to Play Apple Music on a Google Home Device

Apple Music on a Google Home Device: Are you tired of having to use a million different apps to do simple things, like listening to music? With so many different platforms only compatible with specific devices, you have very few options. Up until a year ago, Apple Music was also like that. You could only listen to Apple Music on Apple devices. So, if you wanted to listen to your Apple Music playlists, you didn’t have a choice. Whenever you’d be looking to get a new phone from Spectrum mobile plans, you’d have to buy an iPhone.

Now, things have changed. In an incredible move last year, Apple and Google reached an agreement. This allowed for cross-platform support between the leading tech giants. Do you know what it means? You can now use Apple Music on your Google devices, such as Google Home or Nest devices!

Why Apple Music?

If you own a Google Home or Nest device, you already know your options. Until recently, you could access various apps to listen to music via your Google Home device. These include Spotify, Deezer, YouTube Music, and Pandora. While these apps have their perks, they come with some drawbacks.

For instance, if you use a free Spotify account, you can’t customize your listening experience. Also, you can listen to individual songs, but not entire albums. Instead, Spotify shuffle plays any music you may want to listen to. While this is great for exploring new music, it’s annoying if you know what you want to hear. A paid Spotify subscription solves these issues. However, it is not very cost-effective. You can subscribe to family or couple plans, but you still don’t save a lot.

Similarly, YouTube Music is a great free app. But unless you pay for the premium version, you’ll have to suffer through ads in the middle of your music. And no one wants that when they’re relaxing or vibing to music!

 This is why Apple Music is so many people’s favorite music streaming app. Since a lot of people have Apple accounts, they find it very easy to use. It has a modern interface that is easy to use. Moreover, it has nearly all the music you could find on other apps. Plus, it’s very cost-effective. On a single account, up to 5 people can use Apple Music!

This is why all music enthusiasts rejoiced when it became compatible with a useful device like Google Home or Nest. If you own one, here’s how you can use it to listen to your Apple Music playlists.

Google Nest

In 2016, Google released a range of smart speakers called Google Home. You could give voice commands to these speakers to listen to anything you want. Three years after launch, the collection was renamed Google Nest. The new Nest devices were better, prettier, and smarter. If you’re the lucky owner of one such device, you already know its benefits. From making calls to answering questions, it can do a lot. Most people love to use it to listen to music. Now that it can support Apple Music, you can do a lot more.

Setting Up Apple Music on Google Nest

Assuming you already have your Google Home or Nest device set up, there is not much to do. Integrating Apple Music with your Google device is simple. Here’s how you do it.

First, you must download the free Google Home app on your smartphone. You can easily find it on the Google Play Store if you are an Android device user, or the App Store on an iPhone. After downloading, follow these steps:

  • Sign in to your Google account
  • Tap the ‘+’ button at the top right corner
  • Click on ‘add services’ and select ‘Music’
  • Tap the ‘Link Account’ button beside the Apple Music option
  • Sign in to your Apple account
  • Enter your Apple ID verification code
  • Select ‘Allow’

When you sign in, make sure to add the Apple account you use for Apple Music, iTunes, and App Store purchases. You may use a different ID for your iCloud, so don’t enter that one.

After you’ve done this, simply allow access to Google Home. And you’re done! Now, whenever you ask Google Home or Nest device to play a song, it will play it from Apple Music.

Alternative Option

If you live in a place where you can’t link Apple Music with your Google device, don’t worry. You can also use Apple Music without linking your Google and Apple accounts. Here’s how.

  • Turn on your phone’s Bluetooth
  • Say “OK Google, start pairing”
  • Pair the Google speaker with your phone
  • Open the Apple Music app on your phone
  • Play music

When you do this, your music will automatically start playing on your Google speaker. Easy, right?

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