Changsha Ice World {Feb 2022} A Beautiful Structure Of Resort

In this post, we have discussed the under construction Dawang Mountain Resort and Changsha Ice World within the resort.  

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A new resort is under construction in China named Dawang Mountain Resort. Many people worldwide, especially in the United States, want to know about the Ice World in the Dawang Mountain Resort. So, in this post, we will discuss Changsha Ice World.

About Dawang Mountain Resort

Dawang Mountain Resort, located in Changsha, China, is a mix of an indoor ice wonderland, a water park, and accompanying restaurant and shopping amenities. The resort’s structure is seamlessly blended into the surrounding mountain landscape.

This project, which is situated immediately on top of a historical cement mining pit with a lake, intends to blend stunning nature with aspirational architecture to revolutionise the notion with the beauty of recreation for the city of Changsha in south-central China.

Let us know more about the design, amenities and other attractions of the Dawang Mountain Resort before learning about Changsha Ice World.

About the plan and design of Dawang Mountain Resort

The resort is seamlessly blended into the surrounding terrain and sits right on a historical cement mine.

A magnificent central crystal cone provides regulated natural lighting downwards throughout the Ice World structure as well as down to the islands surrounding water surfaces, creating a uniquely structured open area amongst landscapes and architecture. 

The Water Park’s features include an overhanging outdoor infinity pool that cascades 60 metres into the mining pit. A five-star luxury hotel is housed in a distinct artistic 100m high structure on the project’s southern end, linked to the Changsha Ice World by a Grand Garden Plaza.

As per the proposed design, the 5 star Hotel superstructure will be the most prominent iconic feature for the whole Dawang Mountain Tourism Resort Center while approaching from the city of Changsha through Pingtang Avenue. 

The hotel has 270 luxury singles as well as double bed suites and 60 Luxury Suites with an Elite Club Lounge, as well as a 6-room Presidential Suite, each with a stunning view of Tongxi Lake, the Ice & Snow World and Dawang Mountain. 

The hotel also has a lobby, which includes a restaurant and bar on stage one, adaptable and versatile conference rooms.

About Changsha Ice World

An Ice World stretches 170 meters from one cliff to another cliff above a submerged and floating garden, creating a new leisure area with islands, waters, cliffside paths, and stairs that link the structure to its natural features.

The Snow and Ice World’s recreational functions connect the area of the mining pit from within, featuring glimpses of the natural cliff faces with hanging gardens as well as highlights of the water pools and islands underneath through an enormous glass front. 


The Dawang Mountain Resort and Ice World in Changsha in China’s province will soon attract many tourists. Visit this Travel website  to know more. 

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