Anavale Skin Serum Scam (Feb) Let Us Check The Review!

Anavale Skin Serum Online Product Reviews

In this post, Anavale Skin Serum Scam research is done on a Skin Serum. It will help you with your decisions while you are purchasing the product.

Are you looking for a serum that gives shine, brightens your skin, and tightens your skin without causing harm to it? If your answer is yes, make sure you read this article until the end without missing anything.

Anavale Skin Serum is majorly a skin serum that promises its customers that this is a serum with anti-aging benefits, which means that it will protect the skin from getting old or it will protect the skin from aging problems.

Read this post, Anavale Skin Serum Scam, to know more about this serum, which is available in many countries, including the United States.

Is Anavale Skin Serum Legit or Fake?

Before buying any substance, everyone needs to do good research, and following are some of the pointers that are helpful in analyzing the legitimacy:

  • This product is available on reliable platforms like Amazon, but the number of reviews on the product is very less. And that too is not proving that this product is satisfactory for the customers.
  • It is mentioned that manufacturer of this product is Avaivy. But, the information about the producer of this product is not mentioned anywhere online. Even the manufacturer does not have an official site.

If you want to know its advantages and disadvantages, read this article, Anavale Skin Serum Scamuntil the end.

So, based on our research, the product may be considered legit as available on Amazon. But we cannot comment on the quality or working of the product in the absence of the reviews.

What is Anavale Skin Serum?

Anavale Skin Serum is nothing but a simple serum with many advantages like it helps your skin from anti-aging problems. Moreover, it helps you tighten your skin and improve your skin from fine lines. Not only this, but it also brightens your skin. It also protects the pores of your skin and doesn’t allow dirt to enter them.

What is Anavale Skin Serum is mentioned above in this article Anavale Skin Serum Scamyou can look over that?

The Actual Work Process of Anavale Skin Serum

This serum has various ingredients mixed in it. So, for example, it has an extra collagen mix in it, which has various advantages of its own as it helps in smoothening of lines and tightens the skin.

This serum has various agents like anti-inflammatory agents, which help cure the redness of the skin and also help to reduce the swelling of the face. In addition, this serum also helps the muscles relax, and it also reduces the oil of the face and removes the dirt.

Read customer reviews of this product in the post Anavale Skin Serum Scam.

Specifications of Anavale Skin Serum

  • Ingredients – As per sources, it is supposed to have very beneficial ingredients like collagen and retinol.
  • Antioxidants – As per sources, it has antioxidants, which help the skin glow and brighten more.
  • Dimension – 5.98 x 2.6 x 1.34 inches; 7.37 Ounces.
  • Price – $52.95.
  • Manufacturer – Avaivy

Advantages of Anavale Skin Serum

  • It helps you to glow in your complexion.
  • It helps keeping your skin healthy.
  • It has many benefits in only one serum.

Disadvantages of Anavale Skin Serum

  • The price of this serum is not affordable and quite high.
  • The information of the manufacturer is not available online.
  • It may not work as claimed by the users, which is also evident from one review available.

Anavale Skin Serum Scam – Customer’s Reviews

Anavale Skin Serum claims to be an excellent product for daily use because it has many advantages, and in only one serum, you get various qualities. However, this serum is not very popular among the customers as per our research and there are less reviews available.

Even though we have not found many reviews on this product, only one review is there, which also does not prove that this product is good. So, before purchasing this product, please do all-sufficient research and verify about the ingredients.

Moreover, you can also check the reviews and information here for this product.

You can consider the article Anavale Skin Serum Scam for your research, and learn more about the legitimacy of the item. Also, learn here some tips on analyzing the product’s legitimacy.

The Bottom Line

Hence, it is concluded that since it is available on Amazon, it may be considered legit. But one negative review suggests that it had not made any difference in the user’s skin, even after using for three weeks.

Therefore, it is suggested to analyze the ingredients as per your skin type carefully. If you have allergies to common skin ingredients, you may avoid this product.

Do you have any thoughts? Please comment below of this Anavale Skin Serum Scam post.

40 thoughts on “Anavale Skin Serum Scam (Feb) Let Us Check The Review!

  1. Major scam!!! I had 3 initial charges for the trial version. When I called the number listed with my bank, I was told my account was canceled then and there. The product I received came in a round, screw-top jar and was nothing like it showed online or on amazon. It did have the anavale name on it. A month later a $95 charge appeared from the same company. I immediately called and told them that I had already canceled the account a month prior. The representative informed me that I would receive a full refund within three to five business days and he assured me my account was suspended. Six days later here I am. I called them this morning and the representative now says there was no mention of a refund in his system and that if I needed a refund I would have to call my bank and then call them back on a conference call so that the matter can be settled. What? He was rude and dismissive. There is no information that this manufacturer is legitimate anywhere online. I have only the number that appeared on my bank statement and the name of a company called seebreeze. In addition, when I asked the customer service agent about the name of seebreeze, he knew nothing about it. I am also unable to find any info on that company. Don’t trust these people. This should NOT be on Amazon and I am actually disappointed that Amazon would contribute to such.

      1. If you read the disclaimer when you order the sample it does say that you have I think it was 10 days from time of delivery to cancel the auto ship of the product that they will start. The problem with that is if you are really just ordering to get the sample and actually try it to see if you get results first, there isn’t time before they just send it. And of course you get no paperwork or anything showing a way to contact them to cancel. So if anyone has a number I can call please feel free to email it to me! Cuz for the little bottle it is I just can’t afford it

    1. Thank you so very much for sharing your story I knew something wasn’t right with these people. I ended up having to contact em (my address wasn’t found for shipping) the guy tells me he’s customer service ONLY therefore he couldn’t help me. That’s when I decided to do my homework on the product and well guess what I found SCAM SCAM SCAM Krazy isn’t it I wonder if Jennifer even knows what she’s trying to sell or am I only one who thinks like that lol anyway thank you for sharing your story truly appreciate it

      1. [I am being scammed by them also. Do you have a legit phone number for them? I cannot find it anywhere!!

  2. Ok I ordered two products and charged by two different companies. Then like 2 weeks later I got charged for two things 2 days apart almost 200 bucks. How do I get my money back and stop them from charging my account again?

  3. SCAM SCAM SCAM…I ordered the trial size of two 0.5 ounce bottles. It was off of the Dr. Oz and Jennifer Aniston ad. All I was to do was pay for shipping. $4.95
    Well this month they hit me for $112.75, I haven’t received anything else and I called the 3rd party service that handles the shipping, told them I haven’t received anything else and that I wanted that charge taken off of my debit account. Well he could cut me a deal and charge me just $80. For both bottles and not bill me again..Now I see you can buy it from Amazon and at Wal-Mart…Im not going to get my money back I can see…SMDH

  4. I also was scammed. Bought the trial size and received a charge for $94.78 on my credit card from a different company listed as “CuteAffirmativeHealth”. I found them on the Internet, called to find out what the charge even was, not knowing it was related to the Anavale Serum and was told I’d signed up for a subscription. The guy on the phone “talked to his supervisor” and said I could get a 50% refund. I’m going to contest the charge with my credit card company and hope for the best.

    1. Do you have a legit phone number for this company? They are still taking money out of my acct. I’ve been scammed as well

      1. Hello Colleen jancic, the way they cheat the buyers is out of imagination. Nowadays, they provide fake tracking numbers and showcase if they will send the product. So, it can be advisable to go for a refund process. Let us know any updates from their side. Take care. Thanks.

  5. This company is a scam. They are not upfront about their subscription trick and charged my card for a much higher price than I originally paid when I ordered. It is a scam. Do not order from them.

  6. SCAM!! I should have known better. I ordered this from a Facebook ad flashing Jennifer Anniston’s picture (fake, fake, fake). Get a free sample, just pay shipping. I agreed to pay shipping for 2 different products. $4.95 each shipped separately. About 10 days later, I received the products. I looked them up and it basically said generic skin cream and serum. Today, I look at my credit card and I have been billed 2 separate additional charges for 94.78 and 89.85. I called the number listed on my bill and they answered as “customer service” and it put me on hold. Finally the message when to static and I wasn’t able to speak to anyone to dispute the charges. I guess the only way to stop future charges is to cancel my credit card. I should have known better.

    1. Hi Lynn Hurd, it is too long time that you have waited for the order to receive. Try to contact PayPal teams for getting refunds, if you have used this payment method. Take care

  7. where do I call to cancel the automatic delivery after getting the sample? I just got the sample and before its too late bc they usually give only 14 days and i ddint see anything in the details that it would be automatic enrollment. Thank You . Trish

    1. Where do I cancel this avenue serum and whatever the cream stuff it is I don’t want them be taken any money from me I only had it for 2 days please help

      1. Hello Lori Wegner, It is advisable to check the online portals twice and confirm. The scammers are very smart and they handle it properly. So, we must spread awareness amongst all.

      2. To everyone I got the number for this product to cancel it from my bank it worked I did it people must understand also that they start their 14 days the minute it leaves their place not when you get it. cuz I just about missed it and I only had it for a few days. You need to stay in the line don’t let them call you back because I didn’t trust that cuz they could have said I never got a call so I would advise to stay on the line with them the number is 855-756 2580 that is the number that got me to cancel this products the 14 days hadn’t even been up yet and they already tried to charge my bank but they declined it. They were going to charge me $ 98. 89 for one of them and $98.95 for the other one so that would have been $200 almost that I would have lost. I from the same stuff in Walmart this weekend for 1999 the serum

  8. I was about to order the sample from the facebook ad. Glad I read about everyone’s issues. I always say..if it sounds too good to be true, its must likely a scam. Many years ago I fell for some stupid breast cream. I swear it was dollar store cream, but I paid like 45.00 for it. I would rather just continue to buy face serums and such from local pharmacy stores!

      1. Hello Lisa Populorum, we feel sad, you did not get your order. How much did you invest? Did you get any confirmation mail? Hope you get your order. Buyers, be aware before any purchase. Be cautious. Thanks.

  9. I was going to order their serum, but after reading all the bad reviews, forget it! Not worth the hassle. If a company can’t be honest to begin with, there’s no point in ordering from them.

      1. How do I cancel this, would you happen
        to know? I cannot find a legit phone number. I’ve tried to email them 5 times. Still taking money out of acct.

        1. Hello Colleen jancic, the scenario indicates they are scammers. Thanks for the update. Try once with PayPal, they can better help you in getting your money back. Please update us. Take care. Thanks.

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