Among Us Jackal {May} Find Steps To Install This Mod!

Gaming Tips Among Us Jackal

Among Us Jackal is one of the most popular searches among the players because of his exceptional features. Please follow this post to implement it in your game.

Do you play Among us? Are you interested in knowing about Jackal? Players Worldwide are interested in knowing about the new introduction of roles in the game. So, do you also want to know about this murder mystery game? Or, do you want to install and enjoy this MOD? If so, let’s explore Among Us Jackal.

What features does Jackal MOD bring to Among Us?

Mods are an unofficial method of adding new material roles and abilities to Among Us. The Jackal job is one of the most intriguing since it introduces a third team into the game. Though it appears that there is another team of imposters fighting against the initial team, it does the job.

The unique aspect of Jackal’s position is that he can use his Sidekick ability to the other player, which instantly makes him a member of his squad. The Jackal will need the Sidekick’s assistance in eliminating all other players.

Jackal Role Among Us

The Jackal is an extra team member that attempts to remove all other players. The Jackal has no other missions but can kill Crewmates, Impostors, and Neutrals. As said, if the options allow it, the Jackal can choose another player for their Sidekick, and they lose their present role.

But this ability can only be used once every game. The Jackal can also promote Impostors to be their Sidekick, but based on the alternatives, the Impostor will either truly transform into the Sidekick or leave the team Impostors. Among Us Jackal MOD expands possibilitiesand a player can continue even if all imposters or enemies are killed.

How to install Jackal MOD?

This MOD, along with some other roles, may be found in one of the most popular MOD Packs like The Other Roles. For example, you can add custom hats, many new roles, and settings using The Other Roles. Therefore, by installing this MOD Pack, you will gain access to numerous different roles added to the new Jackal position, allowing you to mix it with a variety of other options.

About Among Us game:

After knowing Among Us Jackal, find some brief information on the game. It is a multiplayer murder mystery game. The game is developed by Innersloth and powered by the Unity Game Engine. First launched in June 2018 is now available on multiple platforms.

Locations like planet base, spaceship, Henry-Stickmin airship, and above-earth base have crew members up to three Impostors. They must destruct locations and murder the crew. However, Crewmates must accomplish their task, report about deceased Crewmates, and call emergency meetings in case of suspicious activities.


MOD is an interesting way to take advantage of features and abilities. We have discussed Among Us Jackal above. Meanwhile, if you are interested in knowing about the Among Us game, click here. 

When are you installing Jackal MOD? Please tell us in the comment section if you have ever played the Among Us game.

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