How To Get All Discord Party Mode Achievements {May}

This article describes the keywords to avail combo scores as part of the anniversary celebration. Read on How to Get All Discord Party Mode Achievements.

Are you interested to know about the features provided by a popular instant messaging platform with over three hundred million registered users? Read till the end to know more about the celebration associated with the event.

Users from Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom are eager to be a part of the successful journey of the online platform by developing a strong community over time. The founders took the initiative to celebrate the occasion on “How to Get All Discord Party Mode Achievements.” 

Keywords for Discord Party Mode

The users need to type the particular keyword faster to avail of the combo score with the required number. ‘Is this Thing on?’ is used to turn on party mode, while ‘The IT solution’ is used to disable the party mode. Use the necessary keyword for an impactful effect.

In addition, ‘Prepare for trouble’ is used to double the user’s combo, and ‘And Make It Double’ can quadruple the available combo. ‘More’ is another trending keyword to magnify the ScreenShake section’s intensity as per the Discord Party Mode Achievement Guide.

More Discord Party Mode Keywords

  • The ‘Happy Birthday!!’ keyword is developed in resemblance with the seventh anniversary of discord, and the keyword users are provided with a 7x combo. The ’80 pop’ needs to be used for obtaining a Score 99 Combo Score.
  • ‘Be elite’ keyword users are rewarded with a 1337 Combo Score.
  • The ‘Klondike’s cell’ keyword is provided as a Score 555 Combo Score.
  • To avail of Score 430 Combo Score, ‘Two birds, one stone can be used.
  • The ‘Animation fan’ keyword provides with Score of 113 Combo Score.

How to Get All Discord Party Mode Achievements? 

  • Use relevant keywords to avail part mode achievements provided by the Reddit’s founders and the team as a part of the anniversary celebration with the followers.
  • The user needs to type the keyword at a higher speed to unlock the benefits of the keyword typed.
  • Once the keyword is entered, the user is notified of the achievement received with a celebration-based pop-up.
  • In addition to that, the users are also provided with several other fun pop-ups that are related to the ongoing celebration.

Steps to Enable Party Mode:

The answer to ‘How to Get All Discord Party Mode Achievements is as follows:

  • Click the user settings present on the bottom left area of the screen.
  • Choose the ‘Party Mode Tab’ present in the App Settings.
  • Enable the ‘Party Mode’ to enjoy the anniversary features provided to the users.
  • In addition to those advanced settings to customize, the ‘Party Mode’ is also available for convenience.


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