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This news article is based on facts to determine whether Activatewisley .com is a legit site.

Have you ever shopped on an agricultural website? Did you find these farming and agriculture sites valid? Numerous sites on the web claim to give the best farming tools and techniques. People from the United States have been interested in knowing about farming and fertilizers. This might be the cause of eccentric agriculture practices.  

Scroll down to know the essential facts behind Activatewisley .com. Also, figure out whether the site can be trusted or not.

Is legit?

When talking about the legitimacy of the site, it doesn’t look obvious. It looks like a simple interface that provides services from its first appearance. It is an agriculture and fertilizer selling site.

To know more deeply, let’s have a look at the Pros. and Cons. of the site:


We are unable to find any advantages for surfing from this site.


  • The owner’s identity is not mentioned on the site
  • The owner does not mention domain age.
  • Products shown on the site look like fraud.

About Activatewisley .com

As shown in the Meta on the site, this website provides information to visitors. Information on topics such as Enable, Mobile and Windows. 

What happens when we open the site?

  • Searching on browser for Users will come by the top two sites.
  • When a user clicks on the second link, a dark interface comes with three options.
  • At first look, it seems like some agriculture-related site.
  • Clicking on any of those three options will take the user to the site.

Why is Activatewisley .com trending?

The site is receiving traffic due to the increasing number of startups. In countries like the United States, there is a vast population going for startups. Farming is also a way to make significant capital after a small investment. 

Another reason due to the COVID outbreak, people are becoming more self-dependent. Terrace farming is widespread in cities and metropolitans where people can grow vegetables for their use.

How do such sites work?

The Internet is flooded with sites like Activatewisley .com, but trusting all of them is not correct. comes with a simple interface, although users cannot use it due to irrelevance. 

Users will not receive any product description on the site as it will only be on various online shopping sites. That would be inappropriate for the customer’s requirement.

Note: All the information shared here is a part of internet research.

Final Verdict

After going through discussions and looking at the merits and demerits of the site, we can conclude that the site is a complete scam. Furthermore, there is no such proof that Activatewisley .com will offer its service to users. 

Have you ever ordered from What do you think about the site? Then, uphold your views in the comment section below. Further, to get more information related to fertilizers, click here.  

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