60S Heardle {August 2022} Have You Tried This Game?

Gaming tips 60S Heardle
In this article, we have discussed 60S Heardle. You will get all the related information here.

 Have you come across Hearlde 60s music game? Do you know how it is played? If you are curious about this music game, stay tuned and continue reading this article for complete details.

The 60S Heardle game is spreading WorldwideThis music game is based on the popular Wordle game. If you know about wordle, you’ll get some idea about this game. Let us discuss what this game is all about and how it is played. We will also share some tips to guess the word.

Here is everything you should know.

About the game

It is a free online game where you have to guess the song’s name just by listening to it. Only one song is played every day. The songs are from the list of most streamed songs of the 1960s.

60S Heardle is a word search game. We will discuss in detail how it is played in an upcoming para.

Here are some tips for all the users to guess the music-

  • Listen to the intro of the song on repeat so that you can remember the title easily.
  • Try to find as many clues as possible.
  • The music is from the most streamed songs of the 1960s, so you can also look for the list of such songs.

Keep these hints in your mind and try solving the puzzle. Now we will discuss how it is played in detail.

How is it played?

In 60S Heardle, a song from the 1960s, is played. You get six chances to guess the song. After each guess, you will listen to a more portion of the song. If you successfully guess the song right, the entire song will be played by the Heardle.

To play the music, press play on Heardle 60s. You can play the music on repeat. After listening to the first verse of the song, you have to select the artist or title of the song. More portions will be unlocked after every try.

Let us discover the reasons for its increasing popularity.

Why is 60S Heardle getting popular?

Thousands of people have already played it in just a few days. It shows how fast the presence of this online music game is growing.

Heardle 60s also lets you post a song on social media channels if you can guess the title of the song. The songs played are from the list of popular songs from the 1960s.

This game is undoubtedly addictive to music lovers, especially those who are mainly into 60s era songs.


Wrapping this post on 60S HeardleWe found this game perfect for music lovers. If you also love listening to 60s songs, then you should definitely give it a try.

Click this link to play Heardle 60s.

Did you find this post about this online music game helpful? We would like to hear from you in the comment section below.

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