00S Heardle {August 2022} Best Game For Music Lovers!

This post on 00S Heardle educates the readers about the game Heardle, its rules and today’s song.

Are you aware of the game Heardle? Heardle is a song guessing game. At first, it only took from the list of songs in the 1960s, but lately, it has joined other decades too in its list of songs. This is a website-based game with a website on which you can go and guess the song. This game has made news Worldwide. 

You can learn about the 00S Heardle today and get your answer for it. 

About the game

The game Heardle gained popularity after the game Wordle. Wordle is a game that lets you guess a word every day. On the other hand, Heardle is a game that gives you chances to guess the right song. It is a game that can be played only once daily, and one can even share their answers on social media platforms. 

There were a lot of guesses for today’s heardle, and people were excited to know about it. For today’s 00S Heardlemany people with guesses like the Say So and Raise your glass by well-known artists, but these songs are not the correct answer. 

Thus, the correct answer for today’s Heardle is Sympathy For The Devil by the Rolling Stones. 

As seen before, there were many guesses for the song, but they were wrong. This can be avoided by knowing the fundamental rules and understanding the hints for the song. This helps to make intelligent guesses and hence, work towards the answer. 

Hints for the Heardle

Every day when the Heardle is posted, many clues and hints are posted for the audience. Today’s 00S Heardle also had the clues for the players. Although the guess wasn’t easy and people lost all their guesses. There are not only hints but rules for the game as well to be followed moving forward. Do you think you can get the correct guess? Please read further to know whether you got the answer. 

The clues are below- 

  • The genre of the song is Samba Rock 
  • The release date of the album is 1968. 
  • The album appeared on was Beggars Banquet 
  • The cover version of Guns N’ Roses was a hit. 

00S Heardle

It is evident that if the clues and rules of the game are not understood, it becomes difficult to know the game and get the correct answer. The rules of the game are mentioned below for better understanding- 

  • There are six chances to guess the right song. 
  • For every wrong guess, a cross is added to its side
  • The player has to listen to the 60-second intro of the song 
  • Skipped or incorrect answers give out more parts of the song
  • One has to make sure to answer in the least tries as possible. 


In summation, 00S Heardle has provided all the information about the song guessing game Heardle and how it can be played. It also gives the answer and clues for today’s heardle. Please check this link- for more information.

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