50th Anniversary Godfather {Jan} Awaiting This-Check!

50th Anniversary Godfather has information on the re-release of The Godfather movie in its restored edition on completing fifty years.

Godfather movie has entertained different generations of people for the last fifty years, and its fan still loves watching them in their comfort. It has been reviewed many times, and each time it has surprised the reviewer with its storyline and depiction.

The first movie of the trilogy was released on 24th March 1972, and this year in March, it will complete fifty years of its release. Paramount Pictures plans to re-release it in the United Kingdom and the United States. To know more about this, keep reading 50th Anniversary Godfather till the end.

Godfather Trilogy Movie:

The Godfather Trilogy is a film series based on the fictional character Vito Corleone who heads the Italian mafia family. The film is directed by Francis Coppola and is based on the novel Godfather by Mario Puzo.

The movie depicts the story of Corleone family patriarch Vito getting into crime and taking revenge for his father death. He became one of the most influential people in the American mafia world, controlling the Corleone family.

In the last two series, his son Michael took over the rein of the family from him and tried to legitimize the family business. The Trilogy grossed over $500 million worldwide.

50th Anniversary Godfather:

Paramount Pictures has been working on The Godfather movie to restore the film. It announced that the restored version would be released in Dolby vision at AMC theatres on 24th February.

Francis Coppola has personally supervised the restoration work, and a lot of effort has gone into its making. A total of more than one thousand hours of colour correction has been done, and around 300 movies have been scrutinized to give the best resolution. 

More than 4000 hours have been spent to correct the tears and stains in films negative. All this has been done to celebrate the 50th Anniversary  Godfather, a masterpiece which people of all generations love.

What Can the Audience Expect from The Godfather Re-release?

After its re-release in Dolby vision at AMC theatres, it will be re-released for an international audience on 22nd March. Coppola and his team have done a lot of work on colour resolution and soundtrack to make it look like a new release.

The story will be the same, but the end of Michael Corleone has been changed to fit the vision of Coppola. The fans will be delighted to see the edited scene in Part 3 of Trilogy on 50th Anniversary Godfather that has been inspired by The Godfather, Coda of Puzo.

People will get the chance to see the movie in 4k ultra HD with a 5.1 audio system in its re-release version. Paramount will also make a series on the making of Godfather, which will discuss different aspects of the movie.

Final verdict:

The fans of Godfather could not have asked for more as it is difficult to make anything of that stature and class. The restoration work will give new life to the movie in terms of special effects, and the audience will have the luxury to choose the best product.

Fans can use the 50th Anniversary Godfather comment section to share their thoughts on the restored edition of the movie.

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