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Read the article, and you know about more Stewart Rhodes. You can also understand the search of Stewart Rhodes Wiki.

Do you know about “Oath Keepers”? Do you have any idea what is their job? 

The article is not about Oath Keepers. It is about Stewart Rhodes. 

Now you want to know about Stewart Rhodes. 

Rhodes is one of the founders of “Oath Keepers”. Stewart also worked as the board of directors of the organization in the United States

He was arrested on 13 January for being associated with a riot and conspiracy. We were also part of the attack conspiracy.  

Due to this reason, many people are searching Stewart Rhodes Wiki

Oath Keepers and Stewart Rhodes

Oath Keepers is a radical right group. They are like a militia. 

Oath Keepers claim that they are the defenders of the country’s constitution. Many members are formerly associated with army organizations and law groups as per the research. 

The main aim of oath keepers is to defend the constitution. The members of the oath keepers always believe the figure is much more important than the government rules. 

Rhodes was one of the active members of the Oath Keepers association. Many said Rhodes is an active member and the theoretical leader of the group.  

Stewart Rhodes Wiki– why? 

In recent times many people have been searching the news about Stewart Rhodes. Readers are taking an interest in him. 

As per our survey and information from the media reports, Rhodes was an ex-paratrooper in the army. But due to his injuries, he left the army service. 

Later part he took admission to “Yale Law School”. He was a bright student and received “Judge William E. Miller Prize” for his academic research on the Bill of Rights. 

He often criticized “Bush administration” and wrote many articles and blogs on this subject. Even in one of his blogs, he mentioned Hilary Clinton as “Hitler”. 

The Reasons of Stewart Rhodes Wiki

The 6 January incident of Capitol has given the limelight into Rhodes life. The incident shocked the citizens of the country. 

It is also actual many people also welcome the incident. But law authority found Rhodes and his group Oath Keepers were involved with the incident. More interestingly, the judicial association also claimed Rhodes is the mastermind and sympathizer of the incident. 

Court has sent summoned Rhodes and his followers for the incident. But due to his personality and publicity, he avoided the consequences from the legal authority. 

But at last, law authority took him in charge, which sparked the Stewart Rhodes Wiki Search. 

Why the News is Trending

Stewart Rhodes is one of the famous and educated personalities of the country. He is now 55 years old. 

After the incident and legal consequences, many people search about him on many formats and news media. All the information we describe from the media report.

Final Thoughts

Stewart Rhodes is a very vocal protector to save the constitutions’ rights. In many incidents, he directly criticized government policy and rules. 

Rhodes always likes to give speeches to the public. Besides this, he wrote many articles on the constitution’s rights. So, people generally search Stewart Rhodes Wiki

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