5 Word Letter Ending in Ase (March 2022) Read!

Gaming Tips 5 Word Letter Ending in Ase
In this write-up, we have made an attempt to make you acquainted with a few 5 Word Letter Ending in Ase and their meaning to expand your vocabulary.

Do you like to play puzzles? Word puzzles are one of the best ways to exercise your mind. Wordle is one such game taking most of the world by storm, including the United Kingdom, the United States, AustraliaCanada, and New Zealand.

In the context of this popular game, a topic has become widely trending on the internet. Most people are eager to know about 5 Word Letter Ending in Ase, and here we have brought all the details.

5 Letters Word that Ends with Ase

People are so curious about this topic due to the popularity of word games. To be particular, Wordle is the main reason responsible for this trending search. First of all, Wordle is one of the most popular word games at present, and then it is a 5-letter word game. So, these kinds of words are most helpful to win this game. 

Playing these types of games is highly beneficial for people of all ages. These games help you expand your vocabulary and increase your mental capacity. 5 Letter Word Ending in Ease also comes in handy to play the game. 

It is challenging and tedious to go through a dictionary to get hints while playing a game. So, if you ever get stuck in the game and need some help, you may refer to the list here that contains 5-letter words ending with Ase.

List of Words

  1. Chase
  2. Phase
  3. Erase
  4. Abase
  5. Grase

There are numerous such words. These are only a few examples for your reference. Please keep reading to learn more of these words along with their meanings.

List of 5 Word With Ase Ending Belonging to Another Category 

5-letter words that end with ease also come under the category of words ending in ase as the last three letters here are also ase. So, discussing such words are also relevant in the current context. Below is a list that will make you acquainted with these words.

  1. Tease
  2. Lease
  3. Cease
  4. Mease
  5. Pease

Mere learning these words are not enough as it will not be possible to use them in the proper way without knowing their meanings. But, don’t worry, as we have got your back here as well.

Meaning of 5 Word Letter Ending in Ase

  1. Chase – Pursuing
  2. Tease – Provoking someone in a playful manner
  3. Lease – A type of contract 
  4. Grase – An acronym for effective and safe
  5. Erase – An act of removing
  6. Phase – A particular stage of a series
  7. Pease – Plural of Pea
  8. Abase – Behavior that degrades someone
  9. Cease – Bringing to an end
  10. Mease – Pacify


A vast vocabulary not only helps you to master the word games but it also increases your confidence to speak. That’s why we are hopeful that this article about 5 Word Letter Ending in Ase will help you in some way or the other. Also, kindly share your feedback in the comments.

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