Smith Machine Squat Accident {March} Know Recent News!

The article will describe to you the recent Smith Machine Squat Accident and its aftermath. Read the article for a better understanding.

Are you a workout freaking guy? If yes, the recent news can give you some other thoughts in your mind. As per our research recently, a 35 years old woman died on the gym floor while doing squat exercises. 

Millions of people watch the lady die on the gym floor in front of her daughter in the viral video. The news spread in countries like the United States and Canada. 

So, let’s discuss the reason for – Smith Machine Squat Accident

Tragedy in Gym

As per our sources, the lady was practising with a smith squat machine with a massive heavyweight. As per the viral video, the lady was doing squat exercises with near 180 kgs. But she can’t manage the weight. 

Later, other gym members found her senseless and tried to help the lady. But that was too late for the unfortunate lady. Even the lady could not react and save herself from the regrettable tragedy. 

Many media published the news. Even “Reddit” also posted the information with priority. So, we should discuss that also. 

Woman Dies Smith Machine Squat Reddit

As per our research, we find that Reddit also covered the news. Even the online portal also uploads the video to check the whole tragic incident. 

Many people from the United Kingdom and Australia watch the video on the Reddit portal and know about the incident. As per our research, Reddit has also published news on this gym incident. 

The portal also tried to describe the real news with much potentiality and information. As per our study, the video was viral quickly, and millions of people watched the incident video. 

Smith Machine Squat Accident

Our current research says that the city police and investigation department have already started investigating the incident. As per the official sources, the investigation team is checking all the data and reviewing the gym’s video footage. The investigation team also discusses the matter with other gym members. 

Meanwhile, as the other gym member who was present at that moment described, the woman was carrying incredible weight while doing the workout. Due to the massive weight, the woman got senseless and died quickly. 

On the other hand, that lady’s daughter is under psychological treatment. As per the sources report Woman Dies Smith Machine Squat Reddit also published the update of the investigation related news. 

The Recent Update

As per our research, many people circulate videos on social media platforms. As per our study, the video is circulating to spread awareness on safety in the gym. The experts are also taking the step to spread awareness about safety at the gym. 


As per our study, after the incident, many people argued for the strict rules in the gym. Also, people demand to check all the workout apparatus in the gym. 

Besides this, the awareness campaign also says Smith Machine Squat Accident will not occur if everybody obeys the proper instruction.  

Do you take proper safety while practising at the gym? Please comment. Meanwhile, to know more about the incident, you can also check the link

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