4wd247.Com Reviews (Sep) Another Scam Site Or Legit One?

Get through this content and read the full details of 4wd247.Com Reviews and other necessary information.

Have you been across the portal named 4wd247 and thought of acquiring tools from there? Well, this portal is in the mind of people across Australia

There are many basic factors through which we can examine the website legitimacy. This article talks about the 4wd247 portal details, pros and cons, specifications and 4wd247.Com Reviews

Reading this article till the end will clear you out if you should opt to this portal for buying anything or not. So please read this completely to get enough of the 4wd247 Com portal details.

What Is 4wd247 Com?

This portal is an online store of four-wheel-drive hardware. The company sells different gear products costing differs upon which items individuals are purchasing. Products such as engine parts, tires are much likely to be of higher value than small accessories or parts. We will also check out Is 4wd247.Com Legit ahead.

The company’s mission is to provide something interesting. Every product of this portal are being tested and are figured out whether it’s efficient or not and then put for sale. The site works with the team to offer the trusted and quality gear all around its area at the best prices and deliver the ordered product effortlessly and easily.

The portal provides good customer service support and is ready to answer all the customer’s queries and ensure there is no hassle.

Specifications Of 4wd247 Com:

  • Domain Date: 16th January 2019; you may access 4wd247.Com Reviews below
  • URL: https://www.4wd247.com/
  • Category: Online platform selling gears accessories, and parts
  • Email: contact@4wd247.com
  • Address: 2C Glendenning, New South Whales, Glendenning Road, New South Wales, Australia 2761
  • Contact No: the portal doesn’t give access to the contact number of the Company 
  • Payment Modes: Payment can be made only through the AfterPay mode
  • Return policy: if you want to return the item, you can do it within thirty days of purchase 
  • Refund Policy: Unfortunately, the site doesn’t give refunds to overused products 
  • Exchange Policy: Information unavailable 
  • Shipping Policy: No international shipping 
  • Delivery Policy: 3-5 days are often required to deliver products 

Pros Of 4wd247 Com:

  • While finding the 4wd247.Com Reviews domain Age of this company is old and has been in service from one year two hundred and seventy-eight days old.
  • The site has a valid https connection 
  • The company gives online access to gear parts for purchase 
  • The website gives refunds over unused items 
  • We have access to sites social media pages provided on portals home page

Cons Of 4wd247 Com:

  • The company has not got any popular reviews over different sources
  • Alexa Rank of the portal is low, as stated by Alexa.com
  • The owner’s identity is hidden 
  • The site doesn’t provide international delivery of its products 

Is 4wd247.Com Legit?

Let’s check up on some more factual points, and this will help acknowledge if the site is genuine or not.

  • Domain Age: The site is one year and few days old, so that we can trust this site little 
  • Trust Score: Due to few Legit pros, the site trust score is 66 out of 100
  • Reviews: No popular and strong reviews is available 
  • Alexa Rank: The Alexa ranked this site low
  • Policies: The policies of this portal are good overall 
  • Social site icons: Gives access to active and working social site icons. 

Owners Information: The identity of the owner is not displayed 

We think that the site is potentially Legit.

What Are 4wd247.Com Reviews Shared Online?

The company 4wd247 Com holds no positive comments by any users. However, if you have ordered the product and received damaged items, check Who Is Liable for Damaged Products? – Know More

Fortunately, the site page is active on Instagram, but we have got no proper response or good reviews over the comments section of the page post. So currently, one may state that site is missing the feedback but has a good Trust Score and is the old site.

But if you have made a deal with this website and are experiencing a delivery delay, you should check What To Do If Order Not Delivered?- Get The Information 


After acknowledging 4wd247.Com Reviews, it appears to us that the company seems to be Legit one. The company does have an Instagram page with lots of followers over there. 

But we have few drawbacks too about this company as it misses out on the review of customers. So now it’s all over readers if you wish to have 4wd247 products or not.

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