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This article describes an online simulation game that has launched its latest version of the game. Read more about the Pet Simulator X Exclusive Pets.

Are you a regular player of simulation games? Are you interested in using different characters available in the game to stand out from other gamers on the platform and earn more gaming points? If yes, you are at the right article.

Gamers from the Philippines, Poland, United Kingdom, and the United States are very much interested in the new features provided to them as it offers a lot of variety of selection. Read this article completely to understand more about Pet Simulator X Exclusive Pets.

About Pet Simulator X

Pet Simulator X is the latest series of the Pet Stimulator. This version has taken its background music from the previous versions of Pet Simulator 2 and Pet Simulator 1. There are five updates for this game. 

The private server is much costlier compared to the previous versions. The previous versions Pet Simulator 2 and Pet Simulator 1, had only 199 Robux as a monthly fee for its private server. Still, the latest version has a higher monthly fee of 400 Robux. Pet Simulator has more advantages than the previous versions.

Pet Simulator X Exclusive Pets

  • Exclusive Shop is an important shop present in the Pet Simulator X, where the user can purchase different products such as diamonds, boosts, offers for their pets, and game passes.
  • These different products can only be purchased using Robux. The price of all the products available are mentioned using a price tag, and the gamer can purchase it by paying in Robux.
  • There are two types of sales available on this exclusive pet shop, which are On-sale and Off-sale. All the details regarding the name, cost in Robux, damage and enchantments are mentioned clearly in the shop.

On-sale Pets List

The list of Pet Simulator X Exclusive Pets includes;

  • Nebula Dragon: The cost for purchasing Nebula Dragon is 5199 Robux. It is the costliest and most powerful pet available on the on-sale list. It has a damage rate of 35,000,000. It also comes with four enchantments which include Tech Coins V, Breaker III, Chest and Royalty.
  • Nyan Cat: Nyan Cat is available for 1299 Robux. It has a damaging range of 8,500,000, which is much higher compared to Grumpy Cat. There are also three enchantments available for this pet. It includes Breaker III, chest and magnet. Read the article to understand more about Pet Simulator X Exclusive Pets.
  • Grumpy Cat: Grumpy Cat can be purchased by gamers for 499 Robux. The damage rate is 1,750,000, and the enchantment included is glittering.

Off-sale Pets list

  • Doge: It cost 500 Robux, 800 damage and has teamwork as its enchantment.
  • Storm Wolf: It is the most expensive pet on this list. It cost 5500 Robux with 1,250,000 destruction power and Magnet, Chest Breaker III and Royalty as enchantments.


Simulation games are very popular as it gives a realistic gaming experience to its players and helps them to achieve the gaming targets pleasantly. To know more details, please visit.

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