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The veterans and their families marked their presence on the 2022 D Day Anniversary on June 6, 2022. Read to know more.

Have you heard on D-Day anniversary? The veterans from the World War II and visitors from the whole of the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada had gathered in Normandy on June 6, 2022 for the anniversary of D-Day. To at least 160,000 troops from Britain, the US, Canada, and all over the world, the tributes have been paid.

After two years of Covid-19, the D-Day celebrations for paying tributes to the soldiers resumed this year in normal mode. The 2022 D Day Anniversary is being celebrated all over the internet as well.

A Brief History of D-Day and Normandy Landings 

The Normandy Operations were the landing operations that were made on 6 June, 1944. The operation which was named ‘operation Neptune’ started on this particular day. This was the biggest seaborne invasion in history and led to the win of Allied powers in the Second World War. The location of the operation was Normandy in France. 

The operation resulted in the victory of Allied powers constituting the US, UK, France, Czechoslovakia and various other countries. Before talking of D Day Images 2022, we need to understand that the planning for the operation started in 1943 and the operation on the day decided had to be delayed by twenty four hours. 

The major breakthrough which was behind the coming forward of many nations for the operation and afterwards was the German invasion of Soviet Union. The Soviet Union and the US then formed a front in the Western Europe as well. In order to commemorate the success of the said landings of Normandy, the US and all other countries that participated in the landings commemorate and celebrate the event on June 6 every year. 

What Happened at the 2022 D Day Anniversary?

The celebrations were meant for those who laid down their lives in order to bring freedom and peace for Europe and the US. This year the point of focus for the American people was the ongoing war. On the eve of D-Day celebrations, we saw many veterans and their families had to go through rain for celebrations but it was all memorable.

There are many veterans who participated in the war and have given their interviews during the celebrations. They talked about how they had to hope in order to land in the most different zone of that time. The D Day Remembrance 2022 was subjected to various photographs where veterans were seen smiling and also commemorating and remembering those days when they had fought with all their strength and won in the end.


The D Day celebrations take place every year on 6 June. The celebrations are to commemorate the valor of all those who laid down their lives while attempting to achieve freedom for their countrymen. This year celebrations as well had some glimpses of veterans who shared their stories of war with media as well. To know more, see D-Day and battle of Normandy 78th anniversary – 2022.  

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