Southwest Air Fans Scam {May 2022} Find Details!

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This article highlights the complete information about Southwest Air Fans Scams. Are you curious to grab the knowledge? Read further!

Is the ‘Southwest Air Fans Facebook ticket giveaway a scam or legit? If you want to know if the promotion is real or fake by Southwest Airlines, the United Statesthen read the full article. 

The Southwest Facebook scam page is circulating on the social media website rapidly. They claim the airline is celebrating its 69th anniversary by offering 2 roundtrip plane tickets to everyone; now the question arises, is it true? Read below, what is Southwest Air Fans Scam?

What was the Scam about? 

The scam started spreading out on Facebook around the weekend of May 21 and 22, 2022. The post is given on social media that the Southwest airline is offering two round trip tickets to everyone who types Done on the comment box by 5 pm Sunday. The news spread was that the airline was giving away free airline tickets (Tickets titled: Southwest Air Fans- 69th or 86th Anniversary), which is not true?

Lots of People are trapped in this scam. Later on, the official Facebook Southwest Airlines page, posted a scam alert about the reality of the 69th and 86th anniversary free tickets giveaway. Southwest Air Fans Scam seems to be not legit and needs verification.

About Southwest Airlines 

Southwest Airlines are adapted into airline service on June 18, 1971, with 3 Boeing 737 aircraft serving 3 Texas cities- Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio -and in 1989, it grew to form a major airline. The main objective of Southwest Airlines is to offer the highest quality of Customer Service.

Southwest Airlines is remarked as the world’s safest airline and comes in the top 15 airlines globally. Due to its low-cost prices, it became successful. 

Additional Information on Southwest Air Fans Scam:

The Southwest Air Fans offer was altered from free tickets for Southwest Airlines’ 69th anniversary or 86th anniversary that promises $750 being transferred to consumers via Cash App once they registered on the scammer’s website. What happened after this stage is unknown. 

If history is any indication, such scams frequently include seemingly unending surveys. When we submit our personal information to a third party, we set ourselves up to be defrauded. So, we advise you to avoid giving any personal information to any survey. 

How to prevent being scammed? 

After such Southwest Air Fans Scam everyone must be alert to such scams. To prevent these scams, please be sure of the calls and emails coming from the company as to whether the company is legitimate. Don’t share your IDs, credit card details, and social security details without ensuring the company’s details. Also, check the company reviews online to check its legitimacy. Lastly, you can also download call blocking spam apps on your phone. Do not follow pages of spam offers, and be alert to such scammers.


From the above Southwest Air Fans Scam post, it’s totally clear that it is not true. The scammer made such an offer to loot people. Therefore, we advise you to beware of these types of scams. 

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