Zeethepi Reviews {June} Is This is A Legit Website?

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Do you want to know about the platform that sells hoodies? Then, don’t forget to check the below article, Zeethepi Reviews.

Are you looking for a website on the internet that offers trending hoodies? You will be reading an article in which we will be discussing a website that provides you with trending and fashionable hoodies. 

The website name on which our research is going to start is Zeethepi. We will be researching various points like legitimacy and advantages and disadvantages. Zeethepi’s website is available for shopping in the United States. So, let’s begin with our article, Zeethepi Reviews.

What is Zeethepi?

As discussed above in the introduction part, Zeethepi is an online platform that offers various kinds of hoodies. Do you know what a hoodie is? If yes, then its great and if not, let us help you. A hoodie is a very simple outfit. 

It is exactly like a sweatshirt, but the only difference is that it has a hood. Zeethepi is a store that was founded long ago on 17TH March 2019. The store does many things for its customers, like virtual print transfers, dye sublimation, etc. So, let’s discuss that Is Zeethepi Legit.

Specifications of Zeethepi

  • Contact Number – The number for contact given on Zeethepi is +1 732-952-1776
  • Company Address – The company’s address provided by Zeethepi is Trade St, NC 28202, Charlotte, in the United States.
  • URL Link – The URL Link of Zeethepi is https://www.zeethepi.comEmail Address – The Email Support provided by Zeethepi for customers is support@zeethepi.com 
  • Domain Age – The date on which Zeethepi came on the internet is 07/03/2022.
  • Payment Methods – Amex, Apple Pay, Diners Club, Discover, JCB, Mastercard, Google Pay, VISA, and Shop Pay, are the various payment given on Zeethepi.
  • Customer Reviews – There are no Zeethepi Reviews available on the website.
  • Social Media Connections – Zeethepi is not linked to any social media platform.
  • Products Available – Zeethepi offers trending and fashionable hoodies. 
  • Newsletter – The newsletter is available on Zeethepi. 
  • Shipping Policy – The basic shipping time given on Zeethepi is 5 to 8 business days.
  • Return and Refund Policy – The customer has the right to claim the return in 30 days.

Advantages of Zeethepi

  • The payment methods given to the customers by Zeethepi have a great variety. If a customer faces issues while paying with one method, the customer can choose another.

Disadvantages of Zeethepi

  • There are no Zeethepi Reviews available on the verifies portal or the website.
  • Zeethepi is not available on any of the trending social media platforms.
  • Zeethepi has not completed the basic stability time on the internet. 
  • The hoodies which are available on Zeethepi are countable. The website does not have variety in its products which is the biggest disadvantage of Zeethepi.
  • The crucial information regarding the legitimacy of Zeethepi is provided fake on the website, like the address, the content, and many more things.
  • All the information on Zeethepi is copied from some other places.

Is Zeethepi Legit

  • Trust Rank – Only 2% is the trust rank of Zeethepi.
  • Trust Score – 47.6 out of 100 is the trust score of Zeethepi.
  • Social Media Connections – Zeethepi is not connected with any social media links.
  • Address Originality – The address which Zeethepi provides seems to be fake.
  • Policies – Policies are given on Zeethepi but are copied from other websites.
  • Unrealistic Discounts – No such discounts are available on Zeethepi.
  • Domain Age – The date on which Zeethepi came on the internet is 07/03/2022.
  • Expiration Date – The date on which Zeethepi will get expired is 07/03/2023.
  • Owner Information – Zeethepi does not provide the information of the owner.

Customer Zeethepi Reviews

Our research states that there are no customer reviews available for Zeethepi. We have checked on various platforms like verified or trusted portals and the website itself. We have also tried to check the review for Zeethepi on social media pages, but it is not available on social media platforms. So, before buying any hoodie from Zeethepi, make sure that you check every minute detail. You can know how to get your money back from scammers.

The Bottom Line

According to the above article, Zeethepi Reviewsthe legitimacy of Zeethepi is suspicious as it does not have any customer reviews. Moreover, it is not available on any social media platform. Zeethepi’s biggest disadvantage is that it only provides one product, a hoodie, and it also does not have any variety. 

You can know more about hoodies here.  

You can know how to get a PayPal refund if you are Scammed.

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