Reviews {July} Is This A Legit Website?

Have you studied the recent and unbiased Reviews? If not, use this post as a reference to investigate the online shop, 

Are you curious to grab the useful and authentic information of Do you know the truth behind this shopping portal? Then, if you are a frequent buyer, you should study the understated passages.

The development of online shopping mode has given buyers a convenient medium to purchase stuff. But, according to some United Kingdom, Canada, and the United States buyers, risks involved in virtual shopping have greatly elevated nowadays as scamming evolved greatly. Thus, this article will reflect the Reviews to present the legit face of 

Explaining This Website

Based on our investigation, the website declared that a few creative girls launched Moreover, while searching, we found that this shopping portal is motivated by Gothic, Punk, and Visual kei styles, and it auctions dresses, bags, shoes, bottoms, etc. Also, the site stated to provide high-quality and innovative products and enhanced customer support to hold a good credit amongst the online audience. 

In addition, in the About Us section, we noticed that Goth, Punk, and Diablo are the website’s creators. But, we will investigate and delve more into this website to check- Is Legit? So, we prefer reading the following sections to learn further. 

Indicating Specifications Connected To

  • is the URL detected during the investigation. 
  • We saw that the newsletter option is available. 
  • The contact number is lacking within the portal. 
  • Our survey retrieved the site’s creation date is 15-07-2022, pointing out that it is nine days old. 
  • If the shopper’s refund application is approved, the website will credit the capital within some days. 
  • This virtual site accepts credit, debit cards and PayPal. 
  • The buyer can raise an exchange request within 14 days. 
  • We noticed the presence of social network icons. 
  • While locating Reviews, we learned that the overall transit time would take 6 to 45 days. 
  • The analysis saw Unit 83, 3/F, Yau Lee Centre No. 45 Hoi Yuen Road Kwun Tong Kowloon. HK as the address. 
  • The item will be delivered late to users as expected due to the Covid pandemic. 
  • is the email address discovered by us. 
  • The website suggested shoppers return the product within 14 days. 
  • listed clothing outfits, including tops, bottoms, and other accessories.

Advantages Served Within The Site

  • The mail address is available. 
  • We saw the location details over
  • The social icons are given. 
  • Our Reviews analysis found the newsletter option within the portal. 

Drawbacks Observed 

  • No telephone has been discovered.
  • We determined that the reviews over Trustpilot are unavailable. 

Is Suspicious?

  • Domain Age– The portal is only nine days old, explaining its establishment date is 15-07-2022. 
  • Buyers’ Viewpoint– We failed to capture any reviews from the legit reviewing platform, i.e., Trustpilot. Also, its Instagram page doesn’t have authentic feedback. Thus, it makes it difficult for buyers and us to prefer it for buying now. 
  • Address Originality– The analysis reported that the provided address had been seen over different suspicious sites, raising many inquiries amongst the shoppers like Is Legit?
  • Bulk-Buying Option– The buyer can avail of this benefit. 
  • Trust Score– We gained a faulty 5% value. 
  • Domain Expiry Date– 15-07-2023 is the website’s suspension date. 
  • Trust Rank– Our survey observed only a 38.2/100 value. 
  • Owner’s Information– The website’s About Us section highlighted that Punk, Diablo and Goth are its founders. 
  • Alexa Rank– No value is retrieved. 
  • Policies– The investigation disclosed that the policy details seem copied. 
  • Social Media Connections– We saw that the website has an Instagram and Facebook page, YouTube link, etc. However, the Facebook link doesn’t redirect us to the website’s official Facebook page. 

What Are Shoppers’ Reviews?

During exploring Trustpilot, we failed to raise any genuine comments from Trustpilot. Also, the other resources haven’t contained legit reviews. Moreover, low factors like Trust Score and Rank have prevented this online shop from attracting many buyers. Also, we saw that the portal is new and has no Alexa Rank, exhibiting serious flaws. Thus, if you want to shop from the site, we recommend you wait until recent and legit reviews come out. Read more about PayPal frauds here. 

The Bottom Line 

In this writing, we expressed the essential strings to the Reviews and studied that it is questionable since it is new and gained no public comments. Learn how to guard your money against credit card scams here. Visit here to understand about tops. 

Is this website authentic? Kindly mention your recommendation below.

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