You Need (Dec 2021) Don’t Lose The Channels

The guide shares details about the news that has been circulating online on You Need

YouTube TV is the famous streaming TV service in the United States, offering live TV, cloud-based DVR from over 85 TV networks, and on-demand videos. But, YouTube TV subscribers are now worried after the news that claims to drop some of the major channels. 

As per the news, YouTube TV may drop some of the major TV networks, including NBC Sports Regional networks, bothering many subscribers in America. The website sharing the news is You Need

But, before reacting to the news and claims, it is necessary to check all the details concerning the website.

Why is YouTube TV Taking Down the Networks?

The TV networks sign agreements with YouTube TV to provide the networks to consumers. The agreement between YouTube TV and NBC Universal is about to terminate, and they are in the process of renewing it. 

If the agreement is not renewed between them, there is a higher chance of dropping the NBC Universal networks from YouTube TV. If it happens, the subscribers in the United States may be prevented from streaming 14+ channels on YouTube TV. 

Some More Information About You Need

We have evaluated the website online to find some of the crucial details which could help you know about it more. Some of the pointers to keep in mind are:

  • The website’s domain age is too short as it was registered 90 days ago, on 28th June 2021 and the domain is registered till 28th June 2022.
  • The trust index of the website is also only 1%. 
  • We found no reviews or comments from users online for You Need

So, you may explore about the website more before using it. As per the sources, the news about agreement renewal between YouTube TV and NBC Universal is true, and subscribers may soon lose their access to 14+ channels on the network. 

Plus, as per the sources, NBC is now redirecting all the subscribers to the website for further details about dropped 14+ channels. This online site is also directing the users to communicate with YouTube TV support and is providing them with a platform to get to other streaming providers.

Which Channels will get Dropped?

If the agreement between the NBC Universal and YouTube TV is not renewed again, subscribers may lose access to 14+ favorite channels, as per You Need The list includes:  

  • NBC
  • Bravo
  • CNBC
  • E!
  • Oxygen
  • Golf Channel
  • The Olympic Channel
  • SYFY
  • Telemundo
  • Universo
  • Universal Kids
  • USA Network 

Besides, the NBC Sports Regional Networks will also be dropped after agreement termination, and hence subscribers may not be able to stream 14+ favorite channels on YouTube TV.

When will YouTube TV Drop These Networks?

We are not confirmed when YouTube TV will drop the networks exactly, but it will happen soon in just a few days after contract termination. 

Wrapping It All

The website You Need is used by NBC Universal to redirect users for more details about dropped 14+ channels on YouTube TV. Plus, the news it has shared is true and not fake. 

The contract between NBC Universal and YouTube TV is about to expire, and after termination, your favorite channels may get dropped. So, you may switch to another provider to keep streaming your favorite channels. Read for more information here

Which channel is your favorite on NBC Universal Networks? Please, share it in the comments section below.

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35 thoughts on “You Need (Dec 2021) Don’t Lose The Channels”

  1. I do not want YouTubeTV to cancel NBC and related channels. These are the channel that I watch the most and will stop watching if they are removed.

  2. We do NOT WANT THESE CHANNELS DROPPED! Some of these channels are the reason we chose U Tube tv.
    We will be looking elsewhere if this happens.

  3. I don’t want YouTube TV to drop NBC. My favorite shows that I watch daily are on NBC. Shows – all the Chicago’s Med, Fire and PD, New Amsterdam, CBS News, and all the Law and Order shows. If Oxygen is tied into the OWN Network, there are many favorites there that I have followed for Years!!!! If you drop these Networks I would be forced to drop you and find another Provider.

  4. You must weight the cost of renegotiating the contract with NBC Universal against the vast number of subscribers that will leave YouTubeTV and subscribe to a competitor like Hulu. Don’t step over dollars to pick up dimes.

  5. The reason I went to YouTubeTV on a friend’s recommendation was because i was being gouged by my Cable company. I immediately subscribed to YouTubeTV because of the channel lineup. You gave me what I wanted and now you’re taking it away. Why? contract negotiations? it sit between you or the networks that are claiming to drop because of expirations. It is amazing how the gouging just continues and we the customers get the worst end of it.

    Question: if the channels get dropped, does that mean that our monthly subscription comes down? Something tells me NO!!!

  6. The channels being discussed is the main reason I talked my friends & family into switching & signing up for youtubetv. You must weigh the cost of renegotiating the contract with NBC Universal against the vast number of subscribers that will leave YouTubeTV and subscribe to a competitor. You are also replying to everyone with the same response of for us to contact our service provider when most of have already done so before making contact with you. It’s almost like you don’t really care about your customers & want to point the finger elsewhere.

  7. Please renew the contract with NBC Universal as I may have to cancel my YouTube TV subscription as some of my favorite channels will be cancelled.

  8. If YouTube TV drops the NBC lineup of channels the will be no reason for me to be a CUSTOMER…
    I know dozens of others that will drop YouTube TVthe minute channels like NBC, USA and NBCSN are dropped from their lineup!!
    How can YouTube TV even consider this??
    Chicago Wednesday, NASCR racing are two of the most watched things on TV….not to mention USA airing past seasons of Law and Order SVU and Chicago P.D.!!!
    Forgive me but ….are your program directors out of their minds? Wake up people!!!
    These channels are the ONLY REASON I PAY your high prices to begin with!!!!

  9. YouTubeTV is the only streaming service that includes the GOLF CHANNEL, NBC SPORTS, CNBC, SYFY, AND SEVERAL OTHERS that we watch all the time. Please don’t drop these channels and the others listed. We use the recording options all the time. I don’t want to try to find any other streaming services. NBC IS A MAJOR LOCAL CHANNEL. We watch this channel every night. Why would you want to lose subscribers that are loyal to YOUTUBETV?

  10. We watch many of the channels listed and do not want to see any of them to be dropped. May have to find another streaming company.

  11. I do not want YouTubeTV to cancel NBC and related channels. Some of these channels I watch especially E and if removed I will cancel YouTube TV for sure.

  12. Don’t drop the channels i may leave if YouTube tv does drop the channels I watch a lot of them and I most likely will leave YouTube tv if you do

  13. NBC has my favorite show on its channel being Law and Order SVU, my family has only youtube tv as our tv service. this is the only way of me watch the show live. I DO NOT want it to be canceled.

  14. I enjoy all of those channels I feel that we pay enough money to keep them all non-should be dropped. Channel is it going to be dropped the monthly charge should be decreased. Honestly if these channels get dropped I will probably go to another provider


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