Write for Us Technology: Know Guidelines and Recent Topics!

Write for Us Technology write-up has all the guidelines and details required for writing technology guest posts on the marifilmines.com website.

Do you write technology blogs for audiences in the digital space? Are you searching for an online platform to share your knowledge of the latest technology? Development in the technology space has changed the way people do their daily business. It has entered every industry sector, and consumers want digital content that allows their integration with these apps or devices.

marifilmines.com invites all technology industry contributors to write quality content on its website. Bloggers and other players from the sector can create content for Write for Us Technology guest posts and get access to thousands of audiences visiting the site daily.

Who are we?

marifilmines.com is a well-known platform in the digital media industry. It has created space for itself in the mind of global audiences by publishing quality, unbiased articles in niches like website reviews and international news. The content delivered by this website is based on internet research.

Website reviews contain legit details of e-commerce stores for online shoppers looking to check website legitimacy. Shoppers visit the product review section for a detailed analysis of items sold in digital space. The news section covers events from entertainment, politics and sports for a global audience.

Write for Us + Technology Guidelines:

  • Contributors should keep the length of the article between 500 to 1000 words.
  • The article should be original with no plagiarism.
  • Active voice should be used for over 90% of the crypto guest post.
  • Guest post content should be free of grammatical errors with a Grammarly score of 98+.
  • Two quality external links should be attached to the post after 80% completion.
  • A website with a spam score greater than 3% should be avoided for making the crypto guest blog.
  • The article should contain a title, introduction, subheading, conclusion, and description.
  • The language used for making the Technology Write for Us guest blog should be simple and tone-friendly.
  • Contributors should follow the SEO protocol of search engines to ensure a higher rank for the crypto guest post in SERP.
  • The keyword density should be kept between .75 and 1% of the content length.
  • External links and crux phrases related to it should be formatted in bold with green colour.
  • The post’s title should attract and engage the audience on the platform.
  • The image used in the guest post should be free from copyright issues.
  • The keyword should be formatted in blue with regular spacing.

What are the Technology Write for Us Benefits for Contributors?

  • The guest blog will get exposure at the global level.
  • Writers will get keywords that will help them get more traffic for the blog.
  • Technology bloggers and expert can check their writing skills by collecting different metrics of guest posts.
  • Technology Companies and their associates can educate their target audience by writing an informative blog on their products.
  • Websites in the technology industry can write useful blogs for their audience and gain customers.
  • Guest posts will remain active on our platform, allowing a continuous traffic flow for the content.

Type of Write for Us + Technology guest post accepted by marifilmines.com:

  • Our website accepts well-researched topics backed by facts.
  • Posts related to current and future technology will only be accepted.
  • We don’t accept controversial content.
  • Articles getting published for the first time will only go for publication.
  • Technology posts submitted with us should not be shared with another digital platform.

Topics for Technology Guest post:

We have listed some indicative topics for the contributors below, but they can choose any topic on technology for the guest post.

  • Role of technology in converting footfall to sales in the retail industry.
  • API Marketplace.
  • Top chatbot trend for 2023
  • Cloud computing and virtualization.
  • Information technology and learning.

How to submit Technology Write for Us Guest blog?

Contributors from the technology industry interested in submitting technology guest posts on marifilmines.com can contact us at infomarifilmine@gmail.com. Our team will reach contributors after reviewing their mail within a few days and guide them on writing the guest post.


Bloggers and writers should read all the guidelines in detail, as it will help them create quality content for the guest post. Contributors from the industry should write technology guest posts of their choice and get connected with a 10000+ audience visiting marifilmines.com daily.

Contributors having any query related to the the Write for Us Technology guest post can contact our team members at the above e-mail.

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