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Check detailed guidelines on our platform’s Write for Us Technology guest post. Also, know about related topics, advantages, and keywords.

Due to inherent curiosity, professional development needs, and problem-solving abilities, Technology articles offer details about innovations, solutions to challenges, and tips for using technologies. Technology guest posts help individuals understand broader impact of technological advancements on society. Our audience wants to stay informed through articles on our platform to adapt to rapidly evolving technological landscape.

If you are a techie, you can share your knowledge via Write for Us Technology guest posts by understanding guidelines below.

About Marifilmines.com:

Marifilmines.com is a knowledge-based website publishing trending write-ups daily. Our website contains the latest and factual information about trending news, fashion, lifestyles, health, fitness, IT, Technology, gaming, website reviews, travel, leisure, business, finance, banking, investment, cryptocurrency, politics, education, and more.

We inspire to serve as a significant source of information related to Technological topics for our audience. Hence, Marifilmines.com allows writers to publish their Technology guest posts on our platform.

Skill sets of a Technology Write for Us blogger:

  • The blogger should demonstrate outstanding writing skills and proficiency in comprehending and analyzing a diverse range of technology subjects. 
  • A profound understanding of our readers’ preferences is essential. 
  • The blogger must exhibit the capability to autonomously conduct thorough research across a broad spectrum of Technological topics.

Qualifications of a blogger:

  • Official credentials (or) certifications as a Technologist are not mandatory for the writer. 
  • Preference will be granted to individuals with prior experience in Technical fields and projects. 
  • The writer should showcase expertise in crafting blogs, guest posts, articles, and website content.

General guidelines for Technology Write for Us posts:

  • Articles must adhere strictly to the central subject of Technology, eliminating redundancy, digressions, discussing other topics, (or) going off the track. 
  • The content should include an introduction, a section addressing frequently asked questions, a reference link to the information source, two non-copyrighted images, two Do-followup links, and two backlinks.
  • The Technology guest post should conclude by summarizing key points. 
  • The expected word count for the Technology guest post ranges from 800 to 1,500 words.

SEO norms:

  • The blogger is expected to refrain from engaging in plagiarism and ensure the absence of grammatical errors in their writing. 
  • In the Technology “Write for Us” posts, please use appropriate headings, bullet points, and subheads to structure the Technology guest posts. 
  • Caution should be exercised to eliminate redundancies in information and sentences. 
  • The article should not include hyperlinks for promotional purposes, offensive language, (or) objectionable content. 
  • Ensure the presentation of precise numerical data and factual information, coupled with a high level of readability. 
  • Maintain the active voice in at least 80% of the Technology guest posts and avoid passive sentences as much as possible. 
  • Consistently position keywords in appropriate proportions throughout the article.

Topics for Technology “Write for Us” posts:

3D Printing/5G Technology/A Guide to Sustainable Technology/Advancements in Space Exploration/Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML)/Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare/Assistive Technologies/Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR/VR)/Biohacking and DIY Biology/Biotechnology and Tech Integration/Blockchain and Cryptocurrency/Coding and Programming/Cybersecurity Threats/Cybersecurity Updates/Data Science and Analytics/Digital Privacy in the Digital Age/DIY Tech and Hacks/Drones and UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles)/Edge Computing/Emerging Tech Trends/Environmental Tech/E-Sports and Gaming Technology/Exploring the Advancements in Robotics and Automation for a Smarter and More Efficient Future/Gaming in the Future/Health Tech/Latest Technological Innovations/Neurotechnology/Open Source Software/Product Reviews and Comparisons/Quantum Computing/Renewable Energy Technology/Revolutionary Biotech Breakthroughs/Robotic Process Automation (RPA)/Smart Cities/Smart Devices and IoT (Internet of Things)/Social Media and Tech Culture/Space and Tech/Tech and Accessibility/Tech and Aging Population/“Write for Us” + Technology on Tech and Disaster Management/Tech and Education/Tech and Fashion/Tech and Language Translation/Tech and Law Enforcement/Tech and Health/Tech and Philanthropy/Tech and the Arts/Tech and Water Conservation/Tech and Wildlife Conservation/Tech Ethics and Responsible AI/Tech Events and Conferences/Tech for Business/Tech in Agriculture (AgTech)/Tech in Architecture and Construction/Tech in Finance (Fintech)/Tech in Transportation/Tech Policy and Regulation/Tech Startups and Entrepreneurship/Tech Trends and Predictions/The Evolution of Smartphones/The Future of Transportation/The Future of Virtual Reality/The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Daily Life/The Impact of Social Media on Society/The Internet of Things (IoT)/The Pros and Cons of Big Data/The Rise of 5G Technology/Understanding Blockchain Technology and Its Potential Applications in Various Industries/Understanding Quantum Computing/Voice Technology and Virtual Assistants, Etc. 

Keywords for “Write for Us” + Technology posts:

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Advantages of Write for Us:

Contributing a guest post to a knowledge-based website enhances your visibility, positioning you as an expert and fostering credibility. This exposure can lead to networking opportunities, potential collaborations, and increased brand recognition.

Guest posts can drive traffic to your website, provide backlink advantages, and contribute to personal and professional growth through continuous learning and skill refinement. Being featured on Marifilmines.com showcases your expertise and boosts your credibility within the industry. 

Submitting Technology + “Write for Us” posts:

Writers are invited to submit article samples to our editorial team for review. Articles can be sent directly for publication to infomarifilmine@gmail(dot)com

Note: Our editorial team retains the right to edit, modify, (or) delete content as deemed necessary.

The final thoughts:

Upon approval, our editorial team will contact writers within 24 hours (or) before publication. Approved articles are exclusive to our platform and must not be submitted elsewhere. Writers can select topics from aforementioned list (or) propose alternative subjects. Contributors must incorporate appropriate disclosures, safety measures, and disclaimers when addressing technological content to ensure comprehensive and responsible information dissemination.

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