Write For Us Jewellery – Helpful Writing Rules 2023!

The article talks about the ways to present Write For Us Jewellery guest blog article in a coherent and detailed manner.

Are you the person who has developed a lot of interest in jewellery and its creation? Then, do you possess all the experience in buying or making the jewellery and are able to convert it into online writing?

If so, you’re the ideal candidate to carry over this guest blogging opportunity by applying your writing prowess as to create a plagiarism free Write For Us Jewellery articles for our readers.  

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Write for Us + Jewellery Required educational criteria and experience

The best jewellery is the one that makes a person seem better overall, regardless of the material—gold, platinum, or imitation—that it is made of. Even jewellery is our savings or vestment. In this case, jewellery occupies a significant role in everyone’s life. That’s why we have chosen jewellery as our guest blogging topic. We request that all the interested candidates read all the necessary criteria to participate in this guest blogging opportunity.

Educational qualification: The person who finished a bachelor of jewellery design, a bachelor of science in jewellery, vocational courses in jewellery design, or any who completed certificate courses related to jewellery can also render their knowledge. Jewellery Write for Us Writers without professional degrees can also offer their writings via their gained experience.

Professionals: Professionals like engravers, quality assurance technicians, polishers, bench jewellers, metal workers, jewellery repair technicians, jewellery consultants, jewellery designers, researchers, etc., can render their knowledge. In addition, some people might have gained experience from learning and working under some jewellers; even such people can also participate in this content writing opportunity. These writers of “Write for Us” + Jewellery can impart their techniques and knowledge to readers. Jewellery is not only about mere designs and metals; it is an art to be learned and known by many, so we encourage such talented individuals to participate as well.

Skills sets: The interested person should have excellent writing skills and not rely on AI tools for writing.

Experience: We are not expecting only experienced writers to carry over the opportunity; people with a strong interest in writing can participate even though they have no prior experience in writing.

Jewellery + “Write for Us” Reference Topics 

As articles about jewellery are trending, many articles are getting posted daily. Hence, the readers must locate the exciting and vital topic that attracts their concentration.

  • How do you identify genuine and fake jewellery?
  • What makes vintage jewellery unique, and what are some of its key features?
  • Please write a short note on handmade jewellery and how it differs from machine-made jewellery.
  • What is digital rendering and how it is gaining more attention from the customers?
  • Why is digital and virtual jewellery trending online, and what is the significance of it?

Jewellery “Write for Us” General Guidelines

  • The total word limit of the jewellery-based article is 1500 to 2500. Please be aware that articles with word counts below the specified range will not be accepted by our team.
  • Writers must collect their contents from the most genuine and official sources. Recently, many fake and misleading content have been circulating over the internet. Thus, writers have to be very careful about their words.
  • Writers are advised not to pick any controversial topic that triggers the minds of the Write For Us Jewellery readers.
  • In the AI-enhanced world, we choose to give importance to human talents. Thus, the writers must refrain from using any AI-generated writing tool for this guest blogging opportunity.
  • Grammatical mistakes must be avoided by all the writers. In this case, the writers can seek the help of grammar correction tools like Grammarly, QuillBot, etc.
  • Writers must avoid using active voice sentences in their articles; up to 10% of active sentences will only be accepted from our side.

SEO guidelines

  • Making the Write for Us + Jewellery article in an SEO-friendly manner is the topmost responsibility of the writers. To do that, they must follow these instructions carefully.
  • For every topic, there are some related SEO keywords. The writers must search for those keywords and use them while typing their articles.
  • Overstuffing of the keywords should be avoided entirely.
  • Inserting the necessary internal and external relation to the topic is required.


  • We use fundamental rules and tactics to create all of our articles SEO friendly one. Hence, the SERP rankings of the article are higher, which ensures more web visits to the respective Jewellery Write for Us writer’s work.
  • All interested individuals can benefit from the excellent experience of a talented team. Writers can discover a great deal of new information by using that.

How to submit and contact us?

We would like to share our editorial team email address infomarifilmines@gmail(dot)com, and the writers have to use the email address to submit the article.

While submitting the work, the Word format of the document should be in Microsoft Word or Google Docs.

The assessment team will consider the presentation of the article as well. So, while submitting “Write for Us” + Jewellery writers take important note of this point as well. 

Writers can share their mini-bios along with document attachments; it will be helpful for us to give credit to the authors while publishing.


Thus, we have shared all the necessary details about the guest blogging opportunity in a transparent manner. If any of the writers still have any issues or doubts, they can use this email address: infomarifilmine@gmail(dot)com to wipe off all their Write For Us Jewellery queries. Hence, come forward to exhibit your knowledge of Jewellery.

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