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This article on Write for Us Fashion will explain all the terms and conditions related to the content writing position in our company. 

Are you searching for a way to kickstart your blogging career? Can you write about fashion? If yes, then you can write to us. Bloggers who are looking for a way to kickstart their blogging career can try writing for us. This post on Write for Us Fashion will discuss all the important details about the writer community on our website. All the interested writers should stay tuned till the end. 

About Marifilmines

Marifilmines is a website publishing all kinds of articles and blogs. We are a group of determined and passionate content writers and bloggers who are targeted to provide the best quality content for the readers. We aim to provide content that provides readers with relevant and authentic content. Our articles are known worldwide for their quality and originality. We publish our articles on several topics such as health, fitness, business, technology, travel, technology, business and many more. Besides this, our content on Write for Us + Fashion has a global reach which means readers from all around the world read our articles. Hence, if any writer is willing to get their content known to the world. Then, they can try writing for our website. 

Important guidelines 

Guidelines are a set of instructions that our website holistically follows. These guidelines help in creating the most preferable articles on the internet. Many people skip these guidelines. However, we would like to inform the bloggers that these guidelines are extremely crucial and ignoring these guidelines will lead to cancellation of the article. Hence, we suggest bloggers properly understand these guidelines before submitting Fashion Write for Us. Following these guidelines will make an article more readable and authentic. Some of the crucial guidelines that are important for writing the desired articles in our company are listed below: 

  • Maintain word limit: Our company follows a word limit for writing articles. The range of the articles is usually between 500 to 1000 words. We suggest bloggers write their articles within this word limit. Exceeding this word limit will cause the cancelation of the article. 
  • Do not copy content: It is a blogger’s main aim to make the content as authentic as possible. Writers should make sure that they do not copy the exact words from any article or blog for “Write for Us” + Fashion. However, writers are free to take inspiration from other blogs. Writers should note that copying the exact words from the article can lead to cancellation of the article. 
  • Use Plagiarism checking tools: Plagiarism means copying someone else’s content and publishing them as their own. Plagiarism is a serious issue and can lead to the cancellation of the content on the web. Hence, we suggest readers use some plagiarism-checking tools to ensure that the articles are authentic. There are several plagiarism-checking tools available on the internet. Writers can use any of the tools to check plagiarism. 
  • Check facts and figures: Writers should use the most verified and researched data for Fashion + “Write for Us”. Always double-check the important facts and figures before including them in the article. Also, writers should not include any fake data or opinions in the post. Doing this will cause the cancellation of the article. 
  • Check grammar: Grammatical mistakes can make any content shabby and unprofessional. Grammar mistakes can completely ruin the articles. Hence, we suggest writers use grammar-checking tools to ensure that the articles look professional and well put up. Writers have to make sure that their grammar score is at least 98. 
  • Use Keywords: Keywords are the core words of the articles. These help rise the SEO score for the Fashion “Write for Us”. They also make the article interesting and easy to read for the readers. Hence, we suggest writers to include keywords in their content. Keywords are usually used after a gap of 90 to 110 words. Besides this, writers should also keep the keywords in bold and colour them with blue ink. 
  • Make the content interesting and readable: A blogger should be able to make the content more presentable and readable. For this purpose, writers should organise their content through short paragraphs and bullet points. Organising content will make it easier to read and understand for the reader. Besides this, writers should also include at least one image in their article on Write for Us + Fashion.
  • Include external links: External links are links from other sources which are usually included in the content for a better understanding of the topic. Hence, bloggers should include at least one external link in their articles. Also, make sure to highlight the external links. 

Suggested topics

There are many topics available on the internet that writers can write about. However, we are providing a list of all the topics which writers can publish their articles on: 

  • The differences in fashion in different countries
  • Different types of fashion sectors in the fashion industry
  • History of fashion in different countries
  • The best runaway outfits of 2023
  • Outfit inspiration for various occasions

Qualifications required for Write for Us Fashion

We do not require any complicated degree from our writers. Anyone can become a writer in our company. However, we require some basic skills from our writers. The following are the skills needed to become a writer in our company: 

  • Writers should have a good command of the English language. All of our articles are published in English. Hence, writers need to have good language skills. 
  • Bloggers don’t need a professional research degree. However, a blogger should be able to do thorough research on the topic of Fashion “Write for Us”.

How can writers submit articles to us? 

Submitting articles to us is a hassle-free experience. Writers have to simply send the write-ups to our website. After that, we will respond to the write-ups within a specified amount of time. 

Final verdict

To summarize this post on Write for Us Fashion, we have discussed all the important details about publishing content on our website. If anyone is interested in contributing the guest post community of our website. Then, they can send their sample write-ups to our email ID(infomarifilmine@gmail(dot)com). Besides this, please visit this link to learn more about fashion.

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