Wreak Wordle {June 2022} Correct Solution With Meanings!

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The article below depicts all the details for the correct solution of wordle 347 and the details for misspelt word Wreak Wordle.

Do you love solving wordle puzzles regularly? Are you an enthusiastic wordle solver? The gamer’s craziness for the wordle is hype due to the regular update of new words by Josh Wordle. After occupying the wordle by the New York Times, it has introduced innovative words regularly. 

This is why many players from different nations, especially from the United Kingdom, India, the United States, Australia, and New Zealand, are looking for the word Wreak. This is to know whether Wreak Wordle is a correct answer for the 1st June wordle?

What is the Correct answer for wordle # 347 (1st June)?

After analyzing all the clues and hints given by the wordle, we found that the correct answer is CREAK for wordle # 347. Due to the rhyming sequence formation, many puzzle solvers might have assumed it was a WREAK.

Is this Related to any new update in the wordle?

No, wordle has not updated any new version for this game. Hence, it can be assumed that this is a misspelled word as a Wreak Game instead of CREAK, which is the correct answer for the 1st June wordle puzzle. 

Now let’s move forward to know the meaning of these 2 words separately so that we can understand the word more accurately and distinguish between them to determine the correct wordle for 1st June. Scroll down the below headers to know the meanings. 

Creak Definition 

It means creating a harsh, high-pitched noise when a force is applied on any heavy thing or making it move with high pressure.

Wreak Definition

It means to cause big damage to anything like property or person. It also means inflict. 

Hence, from the above definition, these words look somehow similar. Therefore, we need to explore more with the wordle hints to get the correct answer for wordle #347. 

Hints to know the correct answer! 

  • Today’s wordle has 2 vowels. 
  • No vowel or the other letter is repeated. 
  • Vowels used are “A” and “E”.
  • The vowels used at the positions are 4 and 3, respectively.
  • The wordle word is associated with both verbs and nouns.

From the above definition, we can say that “Yes” to the question: Is Wreak a Word or not? But, it is not the correct answer for wordle #347

Major hints as per the wordle for wordle 347 correct answer! 

  • As a verb, Creak means – a squeaking, harsh and scraping sound. 
  • As a noun, Creak means – any heavy object, especially a wooden one that creates a harsh sound when moved or a pressure applied to it.

Why is this word trending?

The word has a rhyming sequence and is somehow similar in meanings. Therefore, many gamers are confused with the correct answer for the 1st June wordle.


After our case study, we can say the correct answer is CREAK and not Wreak Wordle for puzzle #347. Also, we suggest exploring the new words daily to make the correct answer for wordle daily.

Moreover, click here to know more details about today’s wordle. Have you guessed the correct answer for today’s wordle? Please comment with your guessed answer. 

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