Which game should I play: World of Warcraft or Destiny 2?

We live in a gaming era and the choice of titles to take up has never been wider. If 15 years ago a gamer was a category of its own, nowadays anyone can be a gamer. Somehow unnoticed it just went mainstream at some point and games are all around us now. Two mammoths of multiplayer games who have standed the test of time, World of Warcraft or Destiny 2 are a peculiar case in this regard. Their first years belong to that old time when gaming was way more niche, yet they are still here and their appeal now is aimed at a wider audience. Should you play them? Which of them is a better pick? Let’s find out together in this article!

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What are these games?

Both WoW and Destiny 2 are MMO RPGs which is an acronym for massive multiplayer online role-playing games. Destiny 2 is also an FPS which is a first-person shooter. Both games have this concept of progress for your custom-made unique character and doing some team activities with friends or random players. The character in them both is some sort of your avatar in the game’s world. And you interact with it just like with the real one. These games are great for finding friends and spending your time merrily since there are so many exciting things to do. They both offer a wide choice of activities that can be anything: you can challenge other players, fight through hordes of monsters in dungeons and raids, collect some rare items, and so much else. Let’s take a closer look at either.

What is the state of WoW in 2023?

World of Warcraft is currently in the era of its ninth expansion, Dragonflight. The community likes it more than 2 previous expansions and it’s generally a good one full of thrilling activities and without much routine. WoW used to be notorious for “making” players do some activities that are boring and that few players cared about for real but which were really important for making your character stronger. It looks like the days of such things are over and you now can just have fun without doing anything you don’t feel like. WoW is definitely fun to play in 2023 and many people are active there. That includes both the old guard (the guys who have been around since 2004) and new players which still often arrive in Azeroth for their first adventure there. And they are rarely disappointed so you are likely to enjoy it too. The most popular team game modes in buy WoW as of now are:

  • Mythic Plus dungeons
  • Raids
  • PvP Arena

How is Destiny 2 doing in 2023?

Destiny 2 has been going strong recently too. The latest expansion there, Lightfall, is quite popular. The gameplay hasn’t changed much throughout the last several years but perhaps it doesn’t need much change since the formula of the game looks quite solid. You shoot stuff, do that in a team or alone, collect powerful guns, and travel all around the galaxy. It’s just as fun as it has always been and many new players find the experience quite accessible so you won’t lose your way in the tons of content that the game has accumulated for all those years that it’s been active. The most popular activities in Destiny 2 are:

  • Raids
  • Dungeons
  • Trials of Osiris
  • Crucible

Which should you choose?

Both are good in their own way. If you prefer shooters, Destiny 2 is your way to go since it offers a nearly perfect balance of FPS and RPG. You shoot stuff just like in Counter Strike yet you also have a character to gear up with various armor and weapons. It’s an interesting combination that many players might find very enjoyable.

WoW is a more classic take on RPGs. Its game pace might seem a little slower but what’s the hussle anyway? You don’t have to play every game fast. In WoW you have plenty of time to just chill and do things at your own pace which might be just any.

How can you make your experience better in both?

Although both games are quite accessible, it won’t hurt to get some help with all that leveling up and gearing up. Both games have a wide community of boosters: those are professional players who help others in the game. They can help you clear a raid or level up your character – basically, they can help you do anything in the game. One of the most popular gaming shops that offers such services is ArmadaBoost. You can find the Destiny 2 boosting service section on their website with plenty of options for a player with any preferences: raids, Osiris, dungeons, exotic quests, and all other kinds of assistance. WoW Boosting is also present in abundance there: player of any background and of any experience will find a bunch of well-priced and highly customizable game services there!

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