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In the post of Wordle Wardle Wordle, we have shared the information related to the recent news of the game. Scan the post below about this viral internet game.

Are you a Wordle genius? Is that NYT Wordle game became a daily routine for you? If so, it is normal because you are not alone who doing so. However, you must be aware that people Worldwide are crazy about this game.

The game’s creator, Josh Wardle, hosts the first live competition, continuing Wordle royalty. So, let us dig deep to know the experience after the viral game. Continue to read the Wordle Wardle Wordle post below to know more.

What does a live competition look like?

A live competition for the Wordle game was organized at the American Crossword Puzzle Tournament on 1st April 2022. There were hundreds of participants who witnessed the live event. Wardle outlined how the live version of Wordle would function after spending a long time repeating the URL where competitors would go to play the game. All participants prepared with their devices, and the room was filled with curiosity.

The rule was simple you have to unlock the mystery word played on a five by six square grid for that day. However, this Wordle Wardle Game has a little twist. So, instead of one round here, players get six rounds; for each round, players get three minutes to finish. Moreover, the player’s goal is to score as low as possible by the end of each round. 

If any players do not need three minutes to crack and finish early are allowed to chat with neighbour players. So, overall, the competition is supposed to be entertaining and not too serious, Wardle Explained. On this remark, players burst out laughing.After discussing the rules, the live competition started.

More on Wordle Wardle Wordle:

The room filled with enthusiastic players immediately turned pin drop silence when Wardle instructed them to begin the game. All the players started solving their puzzles for the day. Playing the viral game on devices to live competition was a different experience for different people. After all rounds, the editor of the NYT Crossword puzzle shared the score range and asked players to raise their hands in that range.

Sid Sivakumar from St Louis was the last person who stood with the lowest number and thus won the competition. His remark on winning was, “It could be anyone, but we are the lucky person who guessed it correct.” Wordle Wardle Wordle competition ends here. Sivakumar is a 25 years old guy and surprisingly does not play Wordle every day but won the game. He finds himself lucky that it was his day for the day’s puzzle.

If you still do not know about Wordle and want to know about it, click here. 


We have seen how Wardle’s live competition allowed people to come out of their comfort zone and play in a room filled with similar Wordle enthusiast players. It was fun, and people hoped to witness more such events. 

What your thought is on Wordle Wardle Wordle? Tell us in the comment section below if you also want to be a part of this event.

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