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This article includes all the information about Wordle Star Wars. We hope you find this article informative.

Do you love Star War? Are you a game lover? If yes then here is a exciting news for you. A new game, Star Wordle is launched which is slightly similar to Wordle game but in Star Wordle players have to guess the names based on Star Wars.

Players Worldwide wants to know about the Star Wordle game. In this article we will discuss each bit of Wordle Star Wars.

What isStar War? 

Star Wordle is a newly launched game that is quite similar to Wordle. In the star Wordle game, players have to guess the words. Each word in the given blocks should be five letter words. This game is basically for the fans of Star Wars.

Players have to guess the words related to Star Wars. Star Wars is a franchise that includes various tv programs, Films, comic books, video games, and novels. The game has the same rules as that in Wordle. You will be provided with the dictionary, which contains more than fourteen thousand wordsin Wordle Star Wars.

How to play Star Wordle?

  • Players will be given six attempts to guess and submit the words.
  • Each word you guess must be of five letters. 
  •  The keyboard consists of dashes, numbers, and alphabets. You can think of your favourite Star War series like Droids.
  • After guessing each word, the pattern and colour of tiles will turn different.
  • The green colour indicated that the letter you guessed is correct and placed in a right block. 
  • The yellow colour indicates that the letter you guess is in the word, but the position is incorrect.
  • The grey colour indicates that the letter is incorrect and is not in the word.

Wordle Star Wars: where to play? 

People are curious to know more and more details about the Star Wordle game. One of the most asked questions is where to play the Star Wordle game. You can play the game on the official website of Star Wordle.

To play the game, go to the official website of the Star Wordle game. The interface of thegame will display.You will see various menus in the header section that will assist you in playing the game.

The first icon in the header section will tell you how to play the game.After that,in the top left of Wordle Star Wars you will see a stats menu that shows the guess distribution. You can also share your score in the stats menu.

After stats, a setting menu is placed where you can change certain settings.


There are numerous Star war films and TV series which have multiple characters. In Star Wordle, you have to guess any word from Star War. The word could be any  Star war film or series name or character name. Visit this link to know more about the Star Wordle.

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