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The guide shares details about Wordle Latin Wordle, the new puzzle game in the Latin language, enjoy.

What if you get the chance to play puzzle games in your native language? Yes, it is true as a new puzzle game has been launched that lets you solve the mystery words in Latin. Wordle Latin is an open-source, free project that offers an interactive and free way to learn the language while solving mystery words in Latin.

Since it is the Wordle Clone, the game’s concept remains the same but has a minor twist. Worldwide players who want to learn the Latin language must try the Wordle Latin Wordle game. 

What is Wordle Latin?

Wordle Latin is the newly launched puzzle game inspired by the famous riddle game, Wordle. The game is free and lets you enjoy the game in the Latin language. Players have to solve the daily questions in six attempts. 

The game was launched by latindictionary.io for worldwide users, and it was developed using Typescript, React, and Tailwind UI. However, the game has no database and backend because the word database is stored on the game’s frontend. 

A new riddle is released every day that players have to solve in Latin using their six attempts.  

How to Play the Wordle Latin Game?

Wordle Latin is the new puzzle game that gives you a chance to enjoy solving the questions in Latin. It means that players have to guess the answers in Latin, and they would get six attempts to solve the mystery word in Latin. It is very easy to play and shares the same attributes as the famous puzzle, Wordle.

  • Players need to visit the official site of the game https://wordle.latindictionary.io/  
  • Check the daily questions 
  • Guess the correct word using their six attempts
  • Players will have three or more consonants in the row 
  • Guess the correct answer and keep learning Latin with Wordle Latin Wordle game

The game is released by a Latin student and veteran Wordle gamer. The game is launched for latindictionary.io, and it is free for all. So, you must try a couple of hands and know how much Latin you know.

What are the Player’s Reactions?

Soon after the game’s launch, many players were attracted, especially those who are Latin and know the language. Many players took the discussion forum to share their experiences and comments. 

Many players shared that the game is very interesting to play. They said the questions and answers they guessed in the Wordle Latin Game

Many people said that the puzzle game is pretty cool, and some people have also shared their suggestions to update the game. 


After successful responses from players, many new versions of a puzzle game like Wordle have been introduced, of which Wordle Latin is the new riddle game that lets you solve the mystery word in Latin. 

The gameplay remains the same as players get six attempts to guess the correct answer in Latin. The only twist is the language, as players have to solve the question in the Latin language.

You may read the Reddit comments for more details

Do you play the Wordle Latin Wordle game? Please share your experiences in the comment box below. 

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