Wordle Geography Game (March) Wordle’s Geography Version

Read the following thoroughly to know about the newly launched Wordle Geography Game and related insights.

Are you interested in different games coming around the world? Are you aware of geography-based games? Are you looking for information about such types of games? If you want to get the answer, follow the article in detail.

The new game that geography-based maniac Worldwide is searching for is Wordle Geography Game. The game is rapidly gaining popularity around the world. If you want all the information about the game, then read the article thoroughly.

About Wordle

The Worldle is a geography-based game that is inspired by the game Wordle. 

The Wordle is a once-a-day word game that was developed by Josh Wardle. The game became a sensation, with players guessing the correct word for a given question. It also expanded to questions from mathematics. Further, it was customized as per demand across the world, and the game became very popular Worldwide.

Wordle Geography Game

The people across social media get confused with Wordle and the Worldle. The Worldle is actually a geography-based game and is gaining popularity day by day. Antoine Teuf, a 31-year-old Web and video game developer living in Montpellier, France, has created this game. It is an online free game and is seen as copy of Wordle, but the creator does not want it to be seen as a copy of the Wordle.

This game gives the user six chances to a person to guess the country name. Further, the hints are provided with each guess in terms of direction. The game can be further made challenging by rotating or hiding the picture of the country. 

How To Play The Wordle Geography Game?

  • You are provided with a photo of the country from the world map.
  • Now you have six guesses to guess the country’s name correctly.
  • Now when you make a first guess, and if it is correct, then the game ends.
  • If your guesswork is wrong, then you are given direction and distance as hints.
  • Based on such hints, you have to make subsequent guesses to get the answer.
  • After your six guesses, if you are still unable to guess the country name, the answer is provided.

Users’ Reaction and Popularity of The Game

Popularity as per the creator: As per the creator, the Wordle Geography Game was his side project, and he used to run it during his spare time. However, the game exploded and reached around 10000 users within 10 days of sharing it on social media. On Monday, more than 570000 people played Worldle, while on Monday, more than 950000 users played it.

Users shared their experience on Twitter, where one shared his all green in the first attempt. One of the users said that out of Wordle, Quordle, Octordle, Dordle, the one he enjoyed was, Worldle Geography.


The Wordle Geography Game is being played worldwide, and the user is being connected rapidly, which shows its gaining popularity. Currently, the game is free. But it will be interesting to see whether it will be accessed freely in the future also.

For more details on the Worldle game, you may refer here. For other queries, please comment below.

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