Wikipedia Kelly Rizzo {Jan 2022} Know Her Life History!

In this post, we have discussed the famous actor comedian Bob Saget’s second wife Kelly Rizzo and the Wikipedia Kelly Rizzo.

Do you know about the early demise of Hollywood actor Bob Saget? Would you like to know about Kelly Rizzo Who is his wife? Are you looking for more information on Kelly Rizzo? If yes, stick to us.

Following the death of the famous actor Bob Saget, his wife Kelly Rizzo is getting quite much attention Worldwide. Many people are looking for Kelly Rizzo’s Wikipedia page, but there is no Wikipedia page. So, in this post, we will talk about Wikipedia Kelly Rizzo

Who is Kelly Rizzo?

Kelly Rizzo is a social media influencer, blogger, television personality, and entrepreneur from the United States. She is well known among the media as the wife of the late actor & comedian Bob Saget. 

Kelly has quite a name for herself. According to her social media profiles, she is the founder & executive producer of the award-winning food & beverages content production company Eat Travel Rock Production. 

Kelly Rizzo also has her own YouTube channel where she uploads videos on lifestyle, beauty tips, makeup, health, good living, and other niches. She is also very well known for her podcast show. 

Wikipedia Kelly Rizzo: Personal Life & Career 

Kelly Rizzo was born on 19th May 1979 to a Christian family in Chicago, United States. She has been interested in Journalism from many years. She joined a course program at the University of Iowa relating to journalism and later completed her bachelor’s degree from DePaul University with a major in communication. 

After her graduation, Kelly Rizzo worked for the real estate business Dream Town Realty for over 15 years as a realtor. Later, she moved to journalism and content creation. She has been the host of many TV shows and worked as a model. 

Kelly Rizzo: Family 

In Wikipedia Kelly Rizzo, we will talk about her family.

Sharon Rizzo is Kelly Rizzo’s mother, whereas Santo Rizzo is Kelly Rizzo’s father. She was brought up with her two sisters in their family home in Chicago in Illinois, the United States. Her two sisters are Kimberly Rizzo and Kristin Rizzo. 

Kelly Rizzo is very close to her family. She keeps on posting pictures with her siblings and parents. Recently, when her niece was born, Kelly posted the sweetest message saying that she welcomes her niece, to whom she is also the Godmother, with a pic of the toddler. 

Kelly Rizzo & Bob Saget 

In Wikipedia Kelly Rizzo, we will discuss the relationship between Kelly and Bob. 

Kelly is the second wife of the late Bob Saget, a well-known American actor. As per insiders, Bob & Kelly met at a party in 2015 through a common friend. They began a relationship with each other sometime after that. Bob & Kelly decided to get married and engaged in 2017 after just a two-year courtship.

On 28th October 2018, Kelly exchanged vows with Bob Saget just a year afterward. On Shutters in Santa Monica Beach, California, their wedding was hosted.


Kelly Rizzo and Bob Saget were only married for three years, but they were the happiest and lovely couple as per their friends. Visit this News Website for more. 

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