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Latest News Why So Many Men Have No Real Friends

The post talks about a comedian’s real-life experience on Why So Many Men Have No Real Friends and the reason.

Who all agree with Max Dickins? Max Dickins, a popular comedian across the United States and Canada, came up with a confession. As per his confession, he found that he had no real friend to approach to be his best man when he planned to propose to his lady love.

Do you know the phrase, i.e. getting married but has no best man when googled, has over 994 results? This article will elaborate on Why So Many Men Have No Real Friends.

Why is Max Dickins in the news?

Max Dickins recently spoke in an interview about finding no real friend whom he could ask out to be his best man. Speaking further about the incidence, he states that there are some unspoken rules regarding male friendships. He said that while he has been with his female friends to ice cream parlours, restaurants, etc., with male friends, it has always been a pub.

One of the reasons stated by Dr Ryan Mckelley, a professor of psychology, is that men are expected to be unemotional and often show anger-related emotions. It is reasoned to be a cause Why Do So Many Men Have No Real Friends.

More Details about Men and Friendships

  • Max Dickins is one of the popular stand-up artists and a comedian
  • In one of his interviews, he stated about finding on his best man
  • Herein, Max had planned to marry his lady love and later realised he had no real friends to make them his best man for the wedding
  • He later shared an email with Dr Ryan McKelley, who is a psychiatrist and specialises in working with men
  • Furthermore, he speaks about men being raised not to sound too effeminate

Why So Many Men Have No Real Friends – What Does Online Community Say?

To know more reasons and if many others felt the same way, we decided to research on the internet. Herein, we fond users presenting their point of view. For example, one of the user highlights not having real friends. He further states about regularly socialising and being connected through texting. However, he finds happiness in his own company.

Other highlights about putting too much effort into maintaining friendship mainly depend on your last interaction with them. On the other hand, Dr Ryan McKelley, a therapist reasons Why Do So Many Men Have No Real Friends for lack of emotional vulnerability.

Final Conclusion

One of the reasons highlighted is that men having a deep talk with other boys remains a taboo which tends to reflect in friendships. All the information provided here is taken from the internet and taken from Billy No-Mates.

We hope this article provided sufficient information about the topic and gives a sneak peek into why is it in the news. Do you want to gain more information about the topic? Want to Know Why So Many Men Have No Real Friends? Do read  

What is your take on the issue? Do share your experience on the topic.

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