Why Did Jason Day Withdraw {Aug 2022} Discover Info!

Read the article to know Why Did Jason Day Withdraw and the real reason why he wanted to withdraw from the game.

Do you like Jason Day? The Wyndham Championship, a competitive golf competition, will take place in August 2022. A monetary prize worth several million dollars is at stake when athletes compete here. People have looked forward to witnessing a lot of top athletes over the years. Others haven’t always enjoyed a consistent career in the sport. He is famous in Australia, the United Kingdom, the United States, and Canada. Jason Day is one famous golf pro with a troubled past. Read below to know Why Did Jason Day Withdraw.

What caused Jason Day to resign?

Jason resigned from the Wyndham Championship during the second round due to illness, according to a statement from the PGA Tour. Although he did not identify the ailment, it is no surprise to the golfer’s supporters. He has stayed away from various occasions over the years due to health-related reasons.

In reality, Jason has “acquired a reputation for pulling out of competitions, typically owing to illness as his body has gotten increasingly brittle,” according to Golfweek. In June 2022, he also pulled out of the John Deere Classic due to a back ailment.

Why Did Jason Day Withdraw Today?

As per Yahoo Sports, Jason reportedly pulled out of another PGA Tour competition in 2021 due to a back problem. Additionally, he withdrew from the 2020 CJ Tournament in Las Vegas 2020, claiming a neck issue. 

Why is Jason Day acting strangely?

After he passed out at the U.S. Open that year, his manager at the time, Bud Martin, informed NBC Sports in June 2015 that “Jason have experienced benign positional vertigo.” It’s unclear whether this is the reason he pulled out of the August 2022 PGA Tour. Now you know Why Did Jason Day Withdraw.

The Mayo Clinic states that one of the most prevalent causes of vertigo is BPPV, which is often brought on by “specific alterations in your head’s posture.” Except for the potential for harm during falls, the disease isn’t particularly harmful.

Unfortunately, according to NBC Sports, Jason underwent treatment to deal with the dizziness, but it wasn’t successful. He had to quit from several events since his BPPV, even before the treatment. Jason also disclosed that he underwent MRIs, lab tests, and sleep exams. 

There are many reasons circulating in the media regarding Why Did Jason Day Withdraw Today. Although all the tests were negative, they couldn’t determine whether a person had the illness. 

The qualifiers retain their PGA Tour licenses for the next year, though Day’s card is guaranteed through the middle of the 2024 campaign thanks to his victory at the 2016 Players Championship.


Jason Day withdrew from the Wyndham Championship before the second round because of illness, the tour confirmed on Friday. The former World No. 1 is currently placed 115th in the FedEx Cup rankings as the season ends this week. Now you know everything about Why Did Jason Day Withdraw?

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