Who Created Fansly {Nov 2022} Get Website Creator Details!

This article provides information about the creator(s) of a website Fansly and answering the popular question: Who Created Fansly?

Have you heard of the recent uprise of a new website? Are you aware of the website OnlyFans? Are you aware of the recent uprising of this new rival of OnlyFans? If yes, then read along to know more about the legitimacy of the Website and its creators.

The new Website is named Fansly, and it operates Worldwide, recently taking over the dominance over its rival OnlyFans. Does the question remain as Who Created Fansly? We shall try to reach the answer.

What is Fansly?

Like its rival OnlyFans, this new Website, Fansly, involves creators of matured content on a monthly subscription payment-based usage. The Website involves interested subscribers to view the profile and demo of creators who place a monthly subscription charge. Upon receipt of subscription, the creators sell photos and videos to the subscribers and earn from the subscription fees. The Website is strictly restricted for Minors as the Website is a matured content-based website. 

After OnlyFans banned matured content from their site through tweets, Fansly took to Twitter about its Website but was silent about Who Created Fansly.

What is the legitimacy of the Website?

  • Domain age: Created on 21/09/2017 aged six years 11 months
  • Social Media handles: The Website has social media presence on Twitter and Instagram.
  • Trust Score: It is 21% implying it is bad and the user should be wary.
  • Owners Information: Not mentioned.
  • HTTPS protocol was detected.
  • Email: The Website has an official Email ID as admin@goselectmedia.com
  • Address: Present on the Website.
  • Contact: No phone support provided. But support email id is provided.
  • Alexa ranking: The Alexa Ranking is 50,896, meaning the site is quite popular.

Who Created Fansly The details known as far:

The new prime rival of the Website OnlyFans is Fansly. Although the Website has been in existence for more than six years now, it has come to the limelight only after 20 August 2021 after OnlyFans twitted of banning all matured contents for which it was primarily known and used from its platform. The users of OnlyFans, both content creators and subscribers, were quick to figure out Fansly as the alternative. But, the question still lurked in everyone’s mind as to the creators of the Website and Who Created Fansly was the raging question.

The actual creator is still unknown, but all we know is Fansly belongs to a company called Select Media LLC, whose parent organization is Jim Pattison Group and President Linda Keating. So, there is a possibility that this company is the creator of Fansly, although there is no official mention.


The only thing we can conclude is that the platform Fansly has created a huge demand for all the fans Worldwide who enjoyed the contents inclined primarily of matured nature. It seems only a matter of time that OnlyFans will come up with an idea. Answering the question to Who Created Fansly, the actual answer is still hidden from public eyes.

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