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This article explores the details on Fnaf Security Breach and helps you to decide, Which Fnaf Security Breach Character Are You.

Hello, kids and adults who love to play video games. Here is great horror game information presented to all. Are you crazy about horror games? Let me introduce you to a game of the United States, and the United Kingdom is crazy about Five Nights at Freddy’s Security Breach. After reading it, you can easily decide Which Fnaf Security Breach Character Are You? So let’s enjoy this article that will brief you about this game and its characters. 

What is Fnaf Security Breach? 

It is a family-friendly horror game where a boy got trapped inside the Freddy mega pizza Plex. Unfortunately, the name Five Nights at Freddy’s security breach was selected after some time of launch before its name was PizzaPlex. 

The game was all set to be released on 25th December 2020. Due to the virus COVID 19, the game’s launch was postponed to be released by 16th December 2021. 

Now, you let us know Which Fnaf Security Breach Character Are You? 

Please continue reading to learn more about game specifications and focus on discovering the type of game.  


  • Full Name- Five Nights at Freddy’s Security Breach.
  • Developer of the game- Steel Wood Studios.
  • Type- Horror.
  • Game Price- $ 39.99.
  • The engine- TBA. 
  • Launching Date- 16th December 2021.
  • How to download it- Via PlayStation Store steam. 

After discovering all the specifications of the game series will let you know about the characters from which you will decide or choose a character for yourself that Which Fnaf Security Breach Character Are You?

Trivial Facts 

Here are some additional facts about the game for your knowledge, and they are as follows- 

  • Games’ actual and real name was about to be released as PizzaPlex in place of Five Nights at Freddy’s Security Breach. 
  • Later, It was decided that PizzaPlex would only be a small part of the game. 
  • This game is declared the biggest horror game of the time after help wanted.
  • The places mentioned in the game are mostly where the game’s producer spent his childhood. 

Decide Which Fnaf Security Breach Character Are You?

The game has many interesting characters with different qualities mentioned in this article to let you decide your favorite. Please read below- 


  1. Freddy Fazbear: Action Figure. 
  2. Bonnie: Action Figure. 
  3. Chica: Action Figure. 
  4. Spring Trap: Action Figure. 
  5. Circus Baby: Action Figure. 
  6. Vanny: Action Figure.
  7. Glitch Trap: Action Figure. 

All characters, as mentioned above, present different roles and qualities in the game, and to know that, you have to play this Loved by many games. 

Final verdict

After reading this article, you can decide Which Fnaf Security Breach Character Are You? We are glad to let you know that this game is worth buying and suitable for all children and kids at the stage of wrapping the article. Hope this article is helpful for you.

Note- All the information in this article is original and researched well. 

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