When Will Glenn Youngkin Take Office {Jan} Know The Date

In this post, we have discussed the new 74th governor of Virginia, Glenn Youngkin and When Will Glenn Youngkin Take Office.

Are you from Virginia? Do you want to know about the new governor of Virginia? Would you like to learn when he is assuming office? If yes, tune into this post.

Glenn Youngkin is the newly elected governor of Virginia, United States, representing the US Republican Party. American citizens are curious to know about Glenn Youngkin’s inauguration as the 74th governor of Virginia. So, in this post, we will discuss When Will Glenn Youngkin Take Office.

Who is Glenn Youngkin?

Glenn Youngkin, the newly elected governor of Virginia. He is an American businessman turned politician. Youngkin will be sworn in as Virginia’s 74th governor soon. Youngkin, a Republican, beat previous Democratic Governor of Virginia Terry McAuliffe in the 2021 Virginia gubernatorial election that was held on 2nd November 2021. 

Prior to joining politics, he worked for the Carlyle Group for 25 years, eventually becoming its CEO. He has a Master in Business Administration degree from Harvard Business School and a Bachelor in Arts degree & Bachelor in Science degree from Rice University, Houston. 

Before knowing more about When Will Glenn Youngkin Take Office, let us talk about Glenn Youngkin career.

Glenn Youngkin Career 

Glenn Youngkin entered the First Boston but departed in 1992 for MBA. After completing his MBA in 1994, he went to work for McKinsey & Company. 

Youngkin entered the Washington, D.C. based private equity company The Carlyle Group in 1995 as a buyout team member. He was named as a partner & managing director at Carlyle in 1999 and was appointed COO in 2011. Later, Youngkin & Kewsong Lee were chosen CEOs in 2017. 

Glenn Youngkin announced his retirement in July 2020. Youngkin launched his candidacy for governor of Virginia with the Republican Party in January 2021.

Before learning more about When Will Glenn Youngkin Take Office, we should know about his political position.

Glenn Youngkin Political Position 

Glenn Youngkin is a Conservative Populist Leaning Republican, according to On The Issues. Youngkin committed during his Republican primary campaign to fight up against most of the laws approved by the Democratic Party and to oppose abortion law. He has spoken out against Democratic gun measures, such as extended background checks, gun purchase restrictions, and red flag regulations. 

Youngkin supports initiatives to adapt to climate change, such as the construction of more seawalls. In addition, most of the national media praised Youngkin’s education agenda as his campaign’s main focus.

When Will Glenn Youngkin Take Office?

On 15th January 2022, Glenn Youngkin would be sworn in as Virginia’s 74th governor. Youngkin has already named his nominees for commerce, banking, and education secretary in advance of taking over the post from Governor Northam. He claims Northam aided him with his goals. Youngkin also urged all Virginians to remain safe from Covid-19 and get vaccinated.


Glenn Youngkin will be the 74th governor of Virginia in just a few days. Youngkin is now in the process of forming a team and assuming office. Visit Glenn Youngkin Wikipedia page   to know more about him.

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