When Is Hgtv Dream Home 2022 Winner Announced {March} Find

Read to know When Is Hgtv Dream Home 2022 Winner Announced and everything you can get from the giveaway.

The dream of buying a house is something that every American dreams and works hard to fulfill. You are living in a serene environment with a nice car, a giant mansion, a large family, and a dog to play around with. 

It’s an aspirational goal whether you are in the United States or heading to the states. It might all be possible for you due to the HGTV lottery, and this article will help you learn When Is Hgtv Dream Home 2022 Winner Announced and everything you can get out of it.  

What is HGTV?

Discovery Inc is one of the most behemoth corporations focused on traveling, home improvement, and lifestyle upgrade channels. Their flagship channel is Home and Garden Television, also known as HGTV, which is also an improvement you can make to your home and lawn space. 

In the spirit of giving back to their viewers, they started a lottery for one of the lucky participants, winning a mansion with all the accessories included. It is an annual giveaway that is highly anticipated and gets everyone excited to participate.

Who Won The Hgtv Dream Home 2022?

Currently, nobody has won the lottery as it is yet to be announced. The ceremony of selecting the lucky winner is as long as you are 21 years old and a legal citizen of the US who filled the form to participate. If you didn’t fill in your name before the date of 17th February 2022, you might have to participate in the next year’s giveaway. 

What will be the prize of the 2022 HGTV Dream Home?

You will be rewarded with a massive dream mansion in Warren, Vermont, situated right on a mountain retreat area. A luxurious car and cash of $250,000 totaling a value of 2 million dollars. It is a lifelong dream of millions, henceforth raising inquiries about  When Is Hgtv Dream Home 2022 Winner Announced being one of the top trends in the states.

Is there a catch to this contest? 

Yes, there is always a massive catch involved in the case of many giveaways, which is the massive taxation you are required to pay. It is something that most lotteries do not include, and often the burden ends up being on the receiver’s end. Many have even gone bankrupt unable to pay off the taxes; subsequently, they allow you to sell the property to avoid this issue. It means that you get the amount and can use it more flexibly on your purchase choice.

What is the Hgtv Dream Home 2022 Drawing Date?

The exact date hasn’t been narrowed down as the drawing date, but tentatively one can say that it will be in April or early May of 2022. It is just around when their summer show tends to air on the channel. The winner will be contacted through email or by an executive calling them. Hope you got your answer now.


You have now learned about everything there is to know about the HGTV dream house contest. There is still a veil of secrecy regarding When Is Hgtv Dream Home 2022 Winner Announced and will be done sometime in April-May. 

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  1. With times as rough as they are and living on CNA wages. It would be nice to finally have something nice in life to enjoy.

  2. Everyday I wake up hoping that an email will pop up or I’ll get a mysterious call.. like in life sometimes we all really wish to get something beautiful…. Vermont is one of the most beautiful untouched pieces of land. H.G.T.V. builders & Decorations did a Fantastic job!! Love from C.t.

  3. We are so hopeful to be picked for this beautiful home in Vermont. We are originally from New England and so heartfully want to return east and live in this beautifully crafted home on this private land in the heart of Vermont. The housing market doesn’t allow us to move back east so easily. Your HGTV dream home deserves to be with a couple who will appreciate it, value, grow and make memories.

  4. I am definitely excited to know who the winner is . I pray I win so I can retire and enjoy this beautiful home with my grandchildren. My fingers are crossed.!

  5. We are so hoping to win this beautiful house in New England. We are from the NorthEast and we’ve been away for 5 years now. We work so hard for what we have now but Maybe, just maybe, we will get a email or a call from someone soon. If we don’t win, I hope it goes to someone special. It’s a beautiful piece of property.


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