What Three Weeks Without Alcohol {June 2021} Read Here!

What Three Weeks Without Alcohol {June 2021} Read Here! >> This post talks about an alcohol-seeker woman who shares her journey of 21 days of quitting alcohol with her affirmative and deterministic

Is alcohol affecting your body, and you want to quit? Then this collected data on an experiment done by a woman encourages and inspires you to quit alcohol easily with just a simple affirmative thought.

Taking a shot of alcohol at parties has become the status maintaining fashion these days almost Worldwide. No one thinks that it is affecting our body and immune system very fast. Today, we bring a discussion for you –  What Three Weeks Without Alcohol which gives you a complete idea of alcohol drawbacks and its quit benefits.

Brief of Danielle’s Saying!

A 24-years woman named Danielle Pierce shared her beneficial experimental details with Newsweek on June 23. She said that she is fond of alcohol since the age of 16, which gradually becomes her habit and fashion.

She spends $114 on alcohol in a week. She slowly realized that alcohol affects her life a lot and makes her inactive, lazy and grumpy. On May 18, Danielle felt that she must quit alcohol, so she started to work on it. She made a plan of 21 days, and she succeeds in her planning and a lot of transformation she achieves in her body.

Woman Three Weeks Without Alcohol  

Taking her parents as her inspirational idol, she made an elimination diet chart by cutting her favorite high-calorie food and alcohol. She quit cold turkey too. She was very nervous on this journey as it was the first time she was trying. 

When Danielle started losing her enthusiasm, she thinks of the days she feels bad in her professional life due to alcohol, of the stomach issues she was facing. Even her clothes are not coming fit to her body. These feelings help her lot to complete the three-week journey of What Three Weeks Without Alcohol smoothly.

Alcohol Drawbacks: –

We all know there are many drawbacks of taking alcohol at a regular rate, but we usually ignore it and start taking it. Some are listed as below: –

  • Stomach and Liver Problems
  • Heart and Blood Pressure Problems
  • Decrease concentration and affects the brain function, increase the angriness.

Benefits Gained by Quitting Alcohol

Danielle find the surprising benefits of quitting alcohol for which she discussed in What Three Weeks Without Alcohol, all are summarized below: –

  • She loses her body weight – 15 pounds 
  • 2 inches both in hip and waist.
  • Gained happiness in both professional and personal life
  • Growing face as was before
  • Activeness and enthusiasm
  • Saving $114 weekly
  • Better Night Sleep
  • Stomach Issues Gone
  • Not feeling much crave for unhealthy calories
  • Gained a lot of confidence

Research Summing Up

This complete discussion is about the intake of alcohol is very bad for the health and the mind happiness and the step to quit it is not an easy task. But it can be possible with your affirmative decision. Daniella’s journey of What Three Weeks Without Alcohol inspires all alcohol-seekers and fills them with a desire to quit it with ease. Read this complete news here.  

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