What Is Super Top-Up Health Insurance?

What Is Super Top Up Health Insurance: Nowadays, with the onset of so many unforeseen diseases and an upswing in the ones caused by sedentary lifestyles, taking care of one’s health has become even more crucial to each of us. After all, health is wealth! Therefore, having a health insurance plan for times of need becomes imperative to safeguard ourselves with utmost care and financial support.

What’s even more beneficial is when extra protection is added to your existing health insurance plan. What is that? Super Top Up health insurance plan is a booster plan for your current basic health insurance. It provides additional coverage for your medical expenses in addition to the existing sum insured. When your medical bills amount to a total higher than the insurance covers, they are included in the super top-up plan. 

A super top-up might look a little expensive at first, but it is a great investment option for the long run as it’s a very economical choice. Since it offers to provide coverage for a wide variety of illnesses, it is ideal for senior citizens and those at an increased risk of hospitalisations several times a year.

The cumulative coverage provided by super top-ups is highly beneficial to those who incur medical expenses quite frequently. However, it does not cover pre-existing diseases, pre and postnatal costs, and hospitalisations expenses without the doctor’s recommendations. Following are the top benefits of a super top-up health insurance plan:

  • It covers costs incurred during pandemics. 
  • You only have to pay your deductible once 
  • You can customise your super top-up policy per your healthcare needs:  
  • There is no room rent restriction during hospital stays
  • You can get treated at any hospital with cashless claims with the wide network hospital list
  • There is an easy online process of making claims

To arrive at a well-thought-out decision, it is vital to analyse your likely medical needs, the budget you have in mind, your medical history, and premium costs before choosing any healthcare plan. Keeping the needs of insurers in mind, Cholamandalam MS offers its super top-up health insurance for enhanced coverage with a pocket-friendly premium!

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