What Happened To Nightbirde On Agt (Aug) Know Here!

What Happened To Nightbirde On Agt (Aug) Know Here! >> Please read here regarding the latest update about the famous reality show, which was held on Tuesday.

Well, Worldwide, many people may have watched recent America’s Got Talent audition held on Tuesday. But, at the same time, the show grabbed viewers’ attention in which the struggle of Nightbirde got disclosed.

Many people want to confirm What Happened To Nightbirde On Agt? So, this blog is precisely based on America’s Got Talent held on Tuesday, and its latest news circulating the media.

Please continue reading further to get cleared about the Nightbirde performance in America’s Got Talent held on Tuesday.

About Nightbirde

  • Nightbirde is an act of singer of America’s Got Talent from season sixteen
  • The real name of the Nightbirde is Jane Marczewski and belongs to Zanesville, Ohio 
  • The audition of Nightbirde comprised of her original song singing herself named ” it’s okay”. This belongs to episode 1620
  • So, moved by Nightbirde performance, many people who missed the show on Tuesday are excited to know What Happened To Nightbirde 
  • The performance was appreciated by Simon Cowell and got a golden buzzer which helped her to move directly towards the quarterfinals 

What’s The Latest News Regarding ‘AGT’ Contestant Nightbirde?

America’s Got Talent audition held recently on last Tuesday highlights about the gold buzzer recipient named Nightbirde as stated by in the current news. The singer Nightbirde won America’s Heart, and this hit the show America’s Got Talent audition conducted on Tuesday.

The performer on Tuesday scored Golden buzzer by the judge Scott Evans by giving the best performance on the show AGT.

She gave her performance on the original song ‘It’s Okay, which was related to the recent battles she had undergone.

What Happened To Nightbirde On Agt?

After giving an incredible performance on America’s Got Talent, the Nightbirde revealed that she was diagnosed with cancer in 2020. She said that just after few weeks she was diagnosed with cancer, her husband turned away and left her. It’s said that she had once before beaten cancer, and she was twenty-nine years old.

The world turned her down in multiple ways as she was left alone while her husband left her before the pandemic covid19 began. After such a journey through the darkness, she gave her best in America’s Got Talent audition and reached the quarterfinals.

Let’s read more regarding What Happened To Nightbirde.

More Details About Nightbirde

After receiving so much love from her fans and the audition Judges, she thanked Simon Cowell on Twitter for giving her the most unforgettable lifetime moment.

To check the Nightbirde Twitter post, please click here on this link

Closing Thoughts 

Being the best performer, the Nightbirde got the attention of many people and received the golden buzzer, which helped her get into her quarterfinals. So, all the things that we got to know while finding What Happened To Nightbirde On Agt have been mentioned in the article above.

Are you a big fan of Nightbirde, an AGT Contestant? Please comment below in the comments section.

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