What Happened To Kiryu Coco {March 2022} Check The Details!

What Happened To Kiryu Coco {March 2022} Check The Details!>> Please check the article further, which contains all the detailed information about the famous YouTuber

Do you want to know about Kiryu Coco? Do you want details about What Happened To Kiryu CocoIf yes, then you have landed on the right article. This article contains all the details about the famous Kiryu Coco and about her decision to leave hololive. 

Kiryu coco is a famous character in the hololive due to her moves and acts. This news of Kiryu leaving hololive has widespread Worldwide. Let us know in detail about her and her decision to leave hololive, whether true or only a rumour. 

About Kiryu Coco

To understand What Happened To Kiryu Coco, let us first know about her. Kiryu Coco is the popular dragon YouTuber worldwide from a Japanese agency Hololive. She is a virtual you-tuber who will take farewell from hololive from July 1. 

This news has become so viral these days worldwide. This news has become viral and updated from a famous official announcement from the hololive, making people aware of this sad news. The agency under which she worked would honour her good wishes at her farewell. 

Kiryu Coco had confirmed her farewell in the news and had cleared that she will work only until July 1. Know further about What Happened To Kiryu Coco 

Why Kiryu Coco leave Hololive?

“The reason behind leaving holilive contains a lot of things I can’t talk about”, being said Kiryu Coca. Coca has over 1.18 million YouTube subscribers on the YouTube channel. She had such a huge fan following because of her acts and skills. Moreover, Coca was instrumental in the scenes of pushing for English-focused virtual YouTubers. According to her current statements, her last video on her virtual YouTube channel will be a graduation stream scheduled for July 1 at 6 am sharp; she had put an explosive full stop on her career by leaving the hololive.

What Happened To Kiryu Coco

Kiryu coco has been banned from hololive, one of the largest YouTuber community. The parent company had announced and released an official statement on September 27, which explains the suspension of cocoa activities. She was banned from hololive because, according to the sources, she is revealing “confidential information” to the viewers, and also, she is making insensitive statements to some nationalities.


As per the online information, it can be said as a final verdict about Know further about What Happened To Kiryu Coco? that she is leaving hololive is true news. The parent company has banned her from the hololive due to the insensitive statements she made for some nationalists. She has cleared these statements in her own words that she will be on her only till July 1, and after that, she will leave hololive. She is such a famous personality and a virtual YouTuber as or her work and fame. But now, she is leaving all this. 

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