What Disease Does Joey Jordison Have {July} Read It!

What Disease Does Joey Jordison Have {July} Read It! >> Do you want to know the reason behind the death of a well-known American Musician? Read the content here.

Joey Jordison’s death on July 26, 2021, has left his fans stunned. Currently, it has become the hot topic of discussion among the people. So, to clear your doubts about his death, we are here with today’s article. 

Worldwide, Joey Jordison was well-known as a prolific musician, drummer, and artist. His death has left us with an empty heart and deep sorrow. But, at the same time, it raises the question: What Disease Does Joey Jordison Have? How he died? Well, by exploring and staying tuned with us till the end, you will get your answers.

Few words about Joey Jordison

Joey Jordison was an American songwriter and musician famous for being founding drummer of the metal band Slipknot. At the age of 8, he got his first drum kit and started his career in music.

Till 1995, he played drums with many bands, and after it, he joined Pale Ones, which was later named Slipknot. Joey has performed four studio albums and a live album that was appreciated by all his fans.

This is why people are now in incredible sorrow, as his death has created a void in their hearts.

What Disease Does Joey Jordison Have?

In 2016, Joey had revealed to the public that he was diagnosed with transverse myelitis. Due to which he lost the ability to move his legs. This disease brings a change in his career, too, as he was fired from the band in 2013.

As the time passed, his bandmates confused his condition with an abuse problem. Finally, he said in one of the award functions that it was an end. He would not be able to play anymore. Multiple sclerosis is becoming the worst enemy.

After getting the answer to What Disease Does Joey Jordison Have, you might want to know its symptoms. So let’s have a look over it.

All about Transverse Myelitis

This disease is caused due to the inflammation of the spinal cord. Its symptoms are the same as neurological dysfunction. As a result, the altered sensation is produced and makes the person weak. 

The significant signs of this disease are – 

  • Feeling weakness in arms and legs
  • Discomfort and body pain
  • Tingling
  • The problem of bowel motility

What Disease Does Joey Jordison Have justifies how Jordison was suffering from this disease a long time back. Moreover, Transverse Myelitis can affect any individual irrespective of gender and age group. It is also caused due to disorders of the immune system.

If you want to capture more details about the causes, and symptoms of Transverse Myelitis, visit the link.

How Joey Jordison died?

At the age of 46, he peacefully left his fans, friends, and family members. His family conducted the funeral privately. However, the family members’ statement does not justify whether his death was due to the severe disease or not.


Putting an end to the content, we tried answering What Disease Does Joey Jordison Have by giving all the necessary points to you. The gentle personality with a joyful heart has left the music industry with his enthusiastic songs and creation, which is unforgettable.

What are your views about the death of Joey Jordison? Comment and share with us.

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