What Did Roseanne Get Cancelled For {Feb} Know Reality!

Read all the facts and Series of incidents to know What Did Roseanne Get Cancelled For and why Barr was suspended from the ABC network.

Roseanne was a television series created by Roseanne Barr and Matt Williams. The Roseanne was telecasted on ABC network starting from18th October 1988 till 20th May 1997 in the United States. Later, from 27th March 2018 till 22nd May 2018, the Roseanne series was revived. 

Though the Roseanne series was the most popular television series, the comments of Roseanne Barr were dangerous and against the community values of ABC. Read details about What Did Roseanne Get Cancelled For?

About Roseanne series:

The Roseanne series was based on a family living in an imaginary town of Lanford in Illinois. Roseanne series was a sitcom serial focusing on the working class of an American family.

Roseanne series ranking:

Roseanne series achieved number one rank during 1989 till 1990 0n the Nielsen ratings. After its initial launch, more than 18 million viewers watched the Roseanne series. 

The Roseanne series also became famous as its four seasons achieved a top ranking out of six. Later, its eight seasons were among the top eight in the ranking. But, the question arises – What Did Rosanne Barr Do?

Roseanne series legacy continued even though it ended in 1997 as it was ranked on number 35th in the TV Guide of 50 Greatest TV Shows of All Time and number 32nd in the TV Guide of 60 Best Series of All Time.

Roseanne series revival:

Due to the popularity of the Roseanne series, ABC decided to revive season 10 of the Series in May 2017. More than 27.26 million viewers had watched season 10 of the Roseanne series. Hence, ABC later announced 13 more episodes for season 11.

What Did Roseanne Get Cancelled For, the Series of events:

Roseanne Barr gained massive popularity from 1988 till 1997. With the relaunch of the Roseanne series in 2018, Roseanne Barr came into the limelight again and gained immense popularity. 

Unfortunately, Barr made critical remarks on Valerie Jarrett, who was a senior advisor to President Barack Obama and an Assistant to the president for public engagement and intergovernmental affairs between 2009 to 2017.

Roseanne series cancellation:

The president of ABC network criticized Roseanne Barr as repugnant, abhorrent and against the ABC network’s values. Following this incident, on 29th May 2018, the ABC network cancelled the Roseanne series. It answered – What Did Roseanne Get Cancelled For?

Roseanne series spin-off series:

Later, as ABC network felt the need for a sitcom series, it announced a replacement for the Roseanne series and launched The Conners serial without the involvement of Roseanne Barr.


As Valerie Jarrett was an African-American woman, the Tweet of Roseanne Barr stated that: Muslim brotherhood & planet of the apes had a baby=vj. This Tweet was termed as ‘ape’ Tweet and considered racist. Barr was immediately suspended on 29th May 2018, and The Roseanne Series Was Cancelled  on the ABC network.

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