What Are On This Weekend NFL Games (Jan 2022) Find Here!

What Are on This Weekend NFL Games? Read this post to know everything about the NFL 2021 season so far.

We bet you are a big NFL fan, and therefore, you are here to learn about the games this weekend to watch with your friends or family. And let us inform you that you are in the correct place!

NFL Season 2021 came with some changes, and the fans enjoyed it more than ever! Though there may have been sad moments when you saw your favorite team lose, you must get excited for the Super Bowl finale scheduled in SoFi Stadium, United States.

But What Are on This Weekend NFL Games? Read to know.

About the National Football League (NFL)

National Football League is one of the major North American sports leagues. It is a professional American Football League that consists of 32 teams divided equally between NFC (National Football Conference) and AFC (American Football Conference).

It consists of an eighteen-week long season from early September to January. Each team plays 17 games in the regular season with a bye week. Each team plays each of the teams in their division twice per season.

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The Current NFL Season

The 2021 NFL Season is the first-ever season to feature 17 games in the regular season, as it was 16 games earlier. 

The season started on 9 September 2021, and the regular season ended on 9 January 2022. Tampa Bay Buccaneers defeated Dallas Cowboys in the Kick-off game. 

The playoffs for this season started on 15 January 2022, with the Pro-Bowl scheduled on 6 February at Allegiant Stadium, Nevada, US, and the Super Bowl LVI planned for 13 February 2022 in SoFi Stadium Inglewood, California, United States.  

What Are on This Weekend NFL Games?

So, the wait is finally over for you! Here is the schedule for this weekend NFL games:

  • NFC Championship: between San Francisco and LA Rams to be held at SoFi Stadium
  • AFC Championship: between Cincinnati and Kansas City to be held at Arrowhead Stadium

This weekend, the champions of these NFC and AFC games will become the finalists for the Super Bowl finale. 

The Super Bowl is always held on the first Sunday of February; however, this is the first time the Super Bowl will be on the second Sunday of February.

So, now that you know the answer to What Are on This Weekend NFL Games, which team will you support? Let us know in the comments!

Audience Reaction

The NFL Season 2021 came with many surprises, and fans were not ready for them.

However, this season had recorded the most viewership since 2015, with an average of 17.1 million viewers, both TV and digital. And this is up by almost 10% from last year’s NFL season. 

Changing the schedule from 16 to 17 games this season, NFL surprised fans with more Football to watch. And it is also noted that the 2021 NFL season was more balanced and unpredictable than ever before. 

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The Final Verdict

What Are on This Weekend NFL Games? We hope that now you have found the answer you are looking for! 

Founded in 1920, NFL has served to be the most professional American Football League in the world. And this season, they made it more exciting!

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