What Are 5 Facts About Memorial Day (June) Read Details!

What Are 5 Facts About Memorial Day (June) Read Details! >>    In the article, we have mentioned all the important information regarding Memorial Day. To read more, stay with our blog.

Hello readers, in the content, we are telling you about a very important day celebrated in the United States. This day has very important among American people’s life. This day is celebrated in memory of Comrades, who died for the Country. They martyr during serving for Country, for defending the Country they lost their lives.

People also searched as Decoration Day instead of Memorial Day.

If you want to know What Are 5 Facts About Memorial Day. Stay with us through the article; we will give you answer to all your questions.

What is Memorial Day?

It has a very important day for the American people. Memorial Day is an American holiday in memory of men and women who died for the Country. In addition, it is an honor to all Martyr who lost their lives while serving the Country.

On this day, many American people go to graveyards or memorial lands for family gatherings and participate in parades and memorize the Martyr sacrifices for the Country. It is also known as Decoration Day because Martyr graves are decorated with flowers by their beloved.

How Was Memorial Day Started?

Memorial Day was started as an honor giving to Martyr. On May 5, 1968, after three years, that was the day on which civil war ended. The head of Union veterans, the Grand Army of the Republic (GAR), declared Decoration Day. The purpose of the day to decorate graves of comrades who died during the late rebellion while serving the Country and whose bodies are lying in every city, village and churchyard in the Country’s land.

So, according to sources, we explain How Was Memorial Day Started. Memorial Day is seen on May 30, which Major declares. General. John A. Logan. The reason behind choosing the date is flowers would be bloom throughout the Country.

Importance of Memorial Day:

Memorial Day is celebrated throughout the Country by spending time with family and friends to honour the devoted holidayBut how much Memorial Day important for the Americans? We will tell you some of the important points that show American Martyr’s importance for their Country’s people. What Are 5 Facts About Memorial Day? Below we are mentioning.

  • Decoration Day is the original name of Decoration Day.
  • May 30 declared as Memorial Day because flowers bloom all over the Country.
  • In honour of soldiers’ sacrifices, Memorial Day was declared as a national holiday in 1971.
  • The origin of Memorial Day is Waterloo, New York.
  • The National Moment of Remembrance was held at 3 p.m.; on Memorial Day, Americans give Pause in silence in honour of soldiers who died in the war to serve the Country.  

The Conclusion:

Memorial Day is not an ordinary day; it has great importance in the American people’s lives. Decorating our beloved graves who died for the Country are the precious honour for the soldiers and their families. To read more, check here

What Are 5 Facts About Memorial Day? We discussed above all the information which will give you a proud reading moment.

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